YouTube is testing the ability to download movies on a laptop



Currently, YouTube offers a trial version that allows end users to download video clips from a browser to a computer and thus view them without always remaining linked to the World Wide Web. This option previously exists from the cell software.

YouTube movie download reaches computer system

There are many qualities when it comes to downloading YouTube movies from laptop: 144p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. On the other hand, there is no solution to obtain a good video in 4K, it is in 1080p at the maximum. Also note that there is no 360p choice.

The download is quite basic: just click on the “Get” button that appears at the bottom of the online video, concerning the “Share” and “Keep” buttons. Coming up, the action plan is configured. Naturally, the larger the online video, the longer the download time will be. Your net speed will also come into play.

YouTube reveals that “Downloads remain available as long as your computer has an active Internet connection, at least once every 30 times or so”. End users are also inspired to install Progressive Website Software (PWA), but this is not a requirement.

This demo to download YouTube movies from browser to computer system currently applies to associates with YouTube Premium subscription. If this is your case, go to, locate the “Download video clips from your browser” part and click the button to take a look. The experience is valid until October 19. According to YouTube, its function requires the latest version of Chrome, Edge or Opera browsers.

An achievement or a failure to come?

In any situation, it will be interesting to see if the achievements are there. After all, there are a large number of websites out there that now allow you to get YouTube video clips. There is even a well-known tool, namely youtube-dl. Let’s say the YouTube process is official and legal. In addition, YouTube has long fought against websites that allow downloading of movies and new music.


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