You’re using your handbrake wrong: Debate rages on TikTok over how to do it correctly in an automatic car

It didn’t take long for Emmy to be bombarded with responses, with avid TikTokers sharing their own clips of how they personally like to use the parking brake.

Fellow Australian creator Jean McDonald urged drivers to avoid Emmy’s approach to the brake, arguing it put too much pressure on the car’s gearbox – which could prove costly in the long run term.

“When you put your car in park and then put your handbrake on, the whole weight of the car is on the parking brake rather than the handbrake, which means it’s on the gearbox” , he told his viewers, claiming the action “fuck your gearbox”.

According to McDonald, the correct approach is to put the car in neutral, apply the handbrake, and then put it in park.

“That way the weight of the car is on the handbrake and not the gearbox,” he said.

His tips, which also feature on the Hot Rod car education platform, have also gone viral, racking up millions of views and likes.

Meanwhile, others have argued that it doesn’t matter when you apply the handbrake, noting that whatever technique you use is unlikely to cause serious gearbox damage.

Responses also differed from country to country, with US drivers seeming more dependent on the “park” function than the parking brake, which appears to be more commonly used in Australia.

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