Xenoblade Chronicles 3 brought out the worst in modern spoiler culture

I researched Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on YouTube yesterday before launch. The two best videos were the final cutscene and the final boss battle, with a recommended third clip featuring the ending in its entirety. Worse still – the thumbnail spoiled major moments of the game and would have been visible to those looking for reviews, trailers, or literally anything else about the game before release. It sucks and there was no stopping it.

You could say it was entirely my fault, and I should have gone completely dark online when it came to Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but I really shouldn’t have. I shouldn’t have to organize my entire existence on the internet in the face of leakers that upload entire endings and boss battles for weight, even more so when these people are mimicking ripped versions of the game or were lucky enough to seize copies before anyone else.


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It’s a big game, and arguably the biggest JRPG of the year for many, so of course there will be speculation and wild discussion about the characters and the narrative. I expected that, and some who don’t plan on playing the game might be curious to look for specific gameplay snippets and reveals when it releases. But due to YouTube’s algorithm and content creators overeager to make a splash, the final moments are wasted before the game even hits our consoles. There is no need.

But the more I simmer on my annoyance, the more I realize that it is now impossible to put a reasonable end to things like this. Even more so for people like me who work in the field and often search for gameplay items, trailers, and other information on various websites, where I’m bound to encounter a minefield of potential spoilers. I warned my followers on Twitter about the videos I mentioned earlier the second I noticed how egregious they were, not caring who came across them, and ruined the gaming experience. We shouldn’t have to put up with this because it’s going to really annoy some people.

I had Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for a month before launch, and I had a chance to storm the game before any potential spoilers could screw me. Yet even now, I’m still taking on quests through settlements and learning more about the full set of characters, drawing value from the smaller occurrences that passed me in the rush to strike the embargo. I’m one of the lucky ones and not one of the online jerks who upload entire ending clips to be gobbled up by the algorithm because it doesn’t know what else to prioritize.

The debate around spoiler culture and what warrants a reaction is constantly evolving, and I strongly believe that if someone ruins a major character moment or plotline for you. It negatively impacts your overall enjoyment, you have every right to be pissed off. Don’t start throwing jabs or ruining a friendship for such things, but you’ll only ruin something if you try to be an asshole. Wait until people have time to play, watch, or read what you’re spoiling, or at least make sure you’re both on the same page before the conversation starts. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and stop chasing brownie dots on the internet by posing and ruining other people’s fun. Again – there is no need.

You can often feel like you’re missing out when you’re not playing the big game of the moment at launch, fearing the momentum will overtake you and there’ll be no one left to enjoy it when the time finally comes. to do it yourself. . But Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a game that takes over 60 hours to beat, and everyone will work through it at their own pace. Average consumers aren’t dirty game journalists like me or enthusiastic fanboys, and so have no reason to rush around looking for unnecessary validation. They can take their time and enjoy the emotional crescendos of the game however they intended.

Many scenes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 surprised me, eliciting beaming smiles of happiness and unexpected tears of sadness until the masterful conclusion. Now all those highlights are being ruined and the game has only just been released. Be careful there, and I’m sorry if some asshole has ever ruined your fun.

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