Woman earns £5,000 selling hair taken from her bum

A woman has made £5,000 ($6,099.97) selling hair taken from her bum.

Rikki Sandhu, a beauty influencer on TikTok, often posts her hair and makeup videos with a catch.

Wanting to “redefine” the world of beauty, she often shares anonymous stories while preparing for her day in front of her camera for her 2.2 million followers.

And the story, in particular, made her hair tutorial even more enjoyable.

In the clip, Sandhu tells how a woman made £5,000 after cutting and selling her rear hair.

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“So I just got out of college, and your daughter was in deep debt; this college lifestyle doesn’t come cheap, and I suddenly realized how much money I owe people,” explained Sandhu.

Worried about being able to pay off her debts, the former student took to the web to research how to make money fast as a girl.

She encountered many “weird options”, such as catching a “sugar daddy”, but she said it wasn’t for her.

Soon after, she realized that people were making a lot of money by “selling strands of their hair to strangers online.”

“But I didn’t want to start cutting my hair, and that’s when I thought.

“Where can I wax where I really don’t want to?”

The woman decided she would shave her “booty” hair.

“So I shaved my booty and picked up the hair, put it in a glass jar and put it up for sale on eBay, and guys, your daughter got £5,000 for eight locks,” she shared.

Despite sharing the story of an unnamed woman, Sandhu might have been inspired by the tale.

“NOT MY STORY…but hey, I could try at this rate. I have enough hair for the whole population,” she captioned the post.


NOT MY STORY… but hey, I could try at this rate 😏 I have enough 🍑 hair for the whole population 🤪💅🏼💕🥵 #makeupstorytime #beautytips #hairstyletutorial #foryou

The people in the comments seemed driven by the quick money moment.

One wrote: “You know what[?] I can’t even judge you for that because of the 5000 you have.

“No, because I would do that, I would even dye the hair and give it a perfume,” added another.

A third who made a suggestion wrote: ‘Just buy a cheap wig and sell some strands and say it’s yours,’ another suggested.

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