Wikipedia: the “text publishing war” that confronts Chinese sympathizers and critics in this web encyclopedia


Wikipedia’s ability to keep a balance on issues related to China has been called into question after this World Wide Web encyclopedia imposed a ban preventing various “publishers” in China from writing and updating pages.

Amid tensions between Hong Kong and China, the muffled protests of 2019 and 2020 have turned into a war of words between Wikipedia editors who are in favor of Beijing and those who are against.

Anyone can edit most Wikipedia pages, but only a fraction of users tend to do so and only a few do it regularly.

Things came to a head in September when Wikipedia’s governing body veterinaryor seven active publishers with visions favorable to Beijing and removed the administrative powers of 12 others.

Those involved have been accused of intimidating and intimidating publishers who have taken a different stance.

But pro-Beijing voices participating in a BBC Click investigation say these actions will mean that narratives relating to China and Hong Kong will be skewed towards a Western point of view.

“Wikipedia, especially Wikipedia in Chinese, is a balance,” says Enming Yan, a former site administrator with greater editing powers who now lives outside of China. He was kicked off the platform, but denies having done anything wrong.

“This eliminates pro-Beijing voices, and therefore the balance will now tip towards anti-Beijing forces within Wikipedia.”

However, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales asserts that the principles of freedom of expression and platform neutrality apply globally.

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