What to wear to the Star Wars hotel

Wondering what to wear to Galactic Starcruiser? We’ve scoured the World Wide Web (and a galaxy far, far away) to find the best Galactic Starcruiser costumes available for your journey on the Halcyon.

When Disney announced the Galactic Starcruiser concept, I immediately thought, “It’s a cosplayer’s dream.” The term “cosplay” is a portmanteau of the words “costume” and “play”; cosplay allows ordinary people to dress up in outlandish and extravagant costumes to truly immerse themselves in a fictional universe. And Galactic Starcruiser, the new Star wars

s hotel at Walt Disney World, which will open on March 1, 2022, is the ideal place to live your star wars cosplay fantasies.

But before setting sail on the Halcyon ship which is hosting you for your 2-night stay at star wars hotel, you’ll want to find the perfect Galactic Starcruiser costumes for your crew. Disney takes care of everything from food to itinerary, so the only question for you is what to wear on Galactic Starcruiser.

Authentic star wars ShopDisney Costumes

The number one place to find your Galactic Starcruiser costumes is directly at the source itself. You can browse shopDisney for a full collection of Galactic Starcruiser outfitsincluding saber training tunic, black dress, formal tunic and mechanic jumpsuit.

You can even find character-specific outfits for Galactic Starcruiser, including the Padmé Amidala cape and Princess Leia dress.

Photo courtesy of shopDisney

This collection includes adult and child sizemeaning it could be a one stop shop for the whole family (especially if you’re short on time).

galactic starcruiser costumes - galactic starcruiser what to wear - galactic starcruiser outfits

Photo courtesy of shopDisney

These Galactic Starcruiser costumes range in price from $16.99 (for a pair of gloves) to $149.99 (for full, immersive outfits).

Browse the full collection here.

star wars Cosplay Character Costumes

You don’t have to search too hard to high quality star wars suits on cossky.com.

star wars kenobi jedi tunic cosplay costume - galactic starcruiser costumes - cossky

Photo courtesy of cossky.com

This site features costumes and props intended to replicate specific character looks from the star wars movies, cartoons and TV shows. From Jedi robes to incredibly athletic belts and shoesthis site offers essential building blocks to start designing unique and creative outfits.

Other common websites for star wars cosplay includes SimCosplay, ProCosplay, and even Etsy.

Lekku from P&S Costume Creations

If the character you created for yourself features Lekku, also known as Heads Up, then you’re in luck. We found a small shop specializing in the creation of silicone Lekku and others star wars– themed accessories for all your costume needs.

P&S Costume Designs also offers free dress up tutorials it would be beneficial for beginners and seasoned cosplayers alike! Some of the tutorials include how to wear a wig cap, how to paint silicone, and body painting tips.

Here is a cosplayer wearing Lekku purchased from this shop.

Regular clothes

Of course you are not mandatory full cosplay on Galactic Starcruiser. If you’re more comfortable with jeans and a t-shirt, do it. We simply recommend that you hang a few star wars shirts and maybe a fun star wars hat from your favorite retailer or even shopDisney.

For example, Target offers a full line of star wars Clothes and accessories.

A note on Galactic Starcruiser costumes

The goal of these costumes is to feel as authentic as possible with your Galactic Starcruiser character, which means certain costumes will not be permitted in the parks on the day of your Galaxy’s Edge excursion.

Here’s a Galaxy’s Edge style guide on what types of clothing are allowed in the parks, as well as how you can create your own looks for your next trip to Batuu!

If you’re looking for even more clothing ideas for your biggest adventure yet, you can join the Facebook group, Galactic Starcruiser Costume for endless inspiration!

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