What can happen in a minute on the Internet?


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One minute on the clock, only sixty seconds. There is little that a human can accomplish. Yet right now there is a tremendous amount of activity taking place on the internet as the global interconnection continues to buzz and degrade.

In Internet slang, Internet minute refers to a brief overview of what’s going on in the world in just 60 seconds on the World Wide Web. The Internet minute takes into account social networking platforms and other Internet access services. How does this “minute” look in the last quarter of 2021?

Consider three facts:

  • Every minute, 167 million videos are watched by TikTok users.
  • On YouTube, 694,000 hours are broadcast every minute, which equates to about a month in real time.
  • On Amazon, $ 283,000 is spent by customers every minute. That’s almost $ 7 million spent in 24 hours.

This means that in one minute on the Internet, millions of videos, messages, emails and texts are downloaded and viewed, and the content consumed represents hundreds of thousands of hours in real time.

The analysis in relation to the above facts was presented by the N. Rich advertising agency and shared with Digital journal. For the study, Statista data has been analyzed to calculate audience engagement with the most popular corners of the Internet.

Among other facts presented, it was found that Facebook receives 44 million views every minute through Facebook Live. On iMessage, 12 million messages are sent to the Apple service within the same timeframe.

In addition, every Internet minute, 5.7 million searches are made on Google. On Snapchat, 2 million messages are sent through the app during this period.

It’s not just about established platforms where high levels of user interaction are present. For example, the Newbie Discord app is responsible for 668,000 messages sent every minute. Going back to more established social media, on Twitter, 575,000 tweets were posted during the same period.

One area that has become more popular during the coronavirus lockdown is streaming services. To represent this area, the Netflix video streaming site is also popular, with 452,000 hours of viewing every minute on the website.

Looking at the study as a whole, N. Rich presented to Digital journal “With a large number of people online and advertisers vying to grab the attention of potential customers, it’s critical that you speak to customers in a way that they hear you and feel heard as well. “

The comment goes on, “You wouldn’t talk to your best friend the same way you talk to your grandmother.” That’s why you need to adjust your message for each platform and find the right customers where they are, whether it’s on TikTok, Facebook, or elsewhere. “

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