Wazuzu launches end-to-end blockchain, ready for regulation


LANCASTER, Pa., June 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – In a vibrant yet confusing blockchain ecosystem filled with shiny, shiny objects such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), an end-to-end asset scanning platform blockchain-based endpoint opened today to offer a full suite of technology tools and services to its customers in a regulatory compliant manner.

Wazuzu, Inc. is the brainchild of Joseph E. Besecker of Emerald Asset Management PA, LLC who has over 30 years of experience in the highly regulated fund management industry. For years he had recognized the transformative potential of asset digitization before partnering with technology veteran Paul H. Slaats of private equity firm Milestone Partners, an entrepreneur, business executive, investor and founder of a technology holding company that has been instrumental in establishing and growing more than two dozen technology companies, from start-up to exit, including IPOs.

Together, the co-founders of Wazuzu recognized the disruptive potential of blockchain technology and tokenization to create a new ecosystem of monetization and asset trading. Wazuzu offers its clients a full range of asset scanning services and technologies that includes everything from NFT development and security token consulting to geolocation and metaverse management tools to creative services such as video production and gamification.

“While there has been a tidal wave of interest and NFT broadcast targeting digital native collectors, Wazuzu is focusing on what we call ‘NFT 2.0’. Our company is at the forefront of bringing utility, engagement and brand amplification to a multitude of creators, businesses and intellectual property owners, through NFTs and possibly collaborating on STOs ”, said said Besecker.

STOs are a type of offering in which tokenized digital securities, called security tokens, are offered and / or traded in a regulatory compliant manner, including on regulated exchanges. STOs can be used to create new markets for virtually any type of digital or physical asset by using a blockchain’s virtual ledger system to authenticate and track token transactions. Wazuzu will not be an STO underwriter but will work with duly authorized and accredited regulated entities.

“This new class of instruments addresses three critical issues in private markets: investor access, liquidity and price transparency,” Slaats said. “They allow individuals to invest in private stocks, fixed income instruments, portfolios of real estate and intangible assets and product development projects in various sectors,” he added.

Wazuzu brings its extensive experience in capital markets and regulatory compliance to several verticals, including:

  • Mint Wazuzu, the company’s proprietary NFT development platform that empowers artists, creators, media companies and intellectual property owners to amplify their brands, increase customer engagement, create affinity experiences, improve monetization and create utility around their asset digitization strategies.
  • Wazuzu Games, its blockchain-based gaming platform is all about engagement, fun, learning, and philanthropy.
  • Wazuzu Race, which allows people to enjoy one of the most majestic and exclusive sports in history in a new way. Powered by a blockchain-based platform, it creates unique content and delivers data insights to horse owners, breeders and fans, enabling fractional ownership along the way.
  • Wazuzu Esports, which monetizes and promotes digital team games, builds community, creates unique apps, and hosts multiple tournaments throughout the year.

“Between us, the founders of Wazuzu have extensive experience working in highly regulated financial services and other markets,” Slaats said. “With the enthusiasm that new blockchain technology brings, we knew there would be a lot of missteps, rookie mistakes that would cost a lot of money. Wazuzu’s biggest differentiator is our deep commitment to perform well within existing and potentially new regulatory frameworks for digital assets, including new rules that we anticipate will be set by Congress and enforced by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodity. Futures Trading Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

The name Wazuzu is loosely based on the powerful Chinese myth of the nine sons of the Dragon Emperor, in which dragons are seen as connectors between the ethereal conceptual space and the limitless potential of the real world.

“For us, the name fits perfectly because tokenized assets represent something we could only dream of a few years ago: the ability to generate unique content and monetization strategies that are verifiable, permanent, limitless in utility. and easily markets or traditional middlemen, ”Besecker said.

Wazuzu, Inc. is a blockchain-based digitization platform that creates value for its clients, partners and stakeholders by bringing extensive experience in capital markets, regulatory compliance, creative services and technology.

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