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Instagram recently announced changes to various platform algorithms. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced that the platform is slowly moving towards content creators, videos, messaging and shopping.

It’s quite different from what Instagram initially identified with, which is sharing photos. Although the announcement was not well received by many photographers, companies have no choice but to adapt to these changes. That is, if they want to continue using the platform.

Previous algorithm changes have challenged various business marketing strategies, leaving some struggling to regain organic reach as they rethink their Instagram strategy. That said, recent changes should not affect your performance. Instead, you need to create a content strategy that fits Instagram’s algorithm. Below are some strategies to outsmart Instagram’s algorithm.

Focus on the type and quality of photos

Creating quality content goes hand in hand with ranking higher and appearing in your subscribers’ feeds. While it may seem like a no-brainer, most companies don’t understand what “quality content” specifically means. Either way, you can’t deny the fact that often the most shared and liked content on social media is visually arresting.

Instagram users will automatically like and share good quality photos. Often because of their bright colors or stunning landscapes. That said, you shouldn’t worry about algorithm changes if you already know how to create eye-catching content. If you don’t, you should consider uploading professional visuals occasionally. Even if your business niche is visually boring, professional quality photos can make a huge difference to engagement.

Focus on video content

Although Instagram hasn’t officially declared video to be better than photos, the platform doesn’t treat these two visuals equally. Continue to focus on the concept of producing eye-catching content. However, since the videos autoplay on the Instagram feed, there’s no other better way to grab your followers’ attention as they scroll through their feeds.

That aside, following the logic of Facebook’s algorithm, you should find ways to make sure your followers spend more time engaging with your content. Short and long videos will make your subscribers stop to watch them. Grab their attention within the first 5 seconds to ensure they stick around to finish watching.

Instagram has also introduced new video features, such as IGTV and Reels over the past few years. Content from these feature areas also appears on traditional feeds and has its own explore pages. This shows how Instagram wants users to find and watch video content. So, use several video content ideas to entertain and market your audience. Teaser videos, such as short reels and behind-the-scenes videos, are great for capturing your subscribers’ attention.

Publish at peak times

Posting during peak hours is probably the easiest tip that works on Instagram, regardless of algorithm changes. Obviously, you should start by identifying Instagram’s peak days and times to take advantage of this trick. Note that sharing posts during peak hours does not necessarily result in high activity and engagement. This is due to the non-chronological nature of Instagram’s feed. However, that could also change soon.

Posting at these times syncs with people’s time on the platform. Thus, allowing you to meet certain ranking factors, such as frequency of use and time frames. Remember that every business has a different audience and different peak times. Check analytics for your specific account to see when your audience is currently online. Once you understand your audience’s peak time, you can schedule posts to download at the right time.

Go Live Regularly

Like Stories, live streaming on Instagram for your business doesn’t have much of an effect on Instagram’s algorithm. However, it notifies your followers by placing your live video first on your followers’ stories. The best thing about live videos is that they attract subscribers who prefer spontaneous elements over produced or staged content. It also reduces the pressure of posting neat and professional content.

The essential

Businesses need to publish consistent stories and posts with compelling captions, use hashtags, and run contests or giveaways to outsmart Instagram’s new algorithm changes. Generally, you should focus on different ways to engage your audience. Review your content to see what types of posts resonate best with your audience. You should also easily take advantage of new Instagram features as they come out.

Mike Gingerich is President of Digital Hill Multimedia (www.DigitalHill.com), a Goshen web design, web software and social media marketing company. He is also a business blogger on technology, marketing and growth. To learn more, visit www.MikeGingerich.com/blog/.

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