Vytelle Releases Public Feed Efficacy Database


KANSAS CITY, Missouri, June 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Vytelle, along with its network partners, announce the release of the Top 150 Proven Bulls. These high-precision bulls have climbed to the top of more than 81,000 animals of 25 different breeds and over 262,000 EPDs of residual feed consumption (RFI).

“There are two high-stakes producer decisions that drive genetic advancement in the global livestock industry: mating selection and breeding method. By publicly sharing this list of effective bulls for feed, we are able to help beef producers identify elite animals that lead to more precise mating selection, ”said Kerryann Kocher, CEO of Vytelle. “Producers can accelerate genetic progress to meet the global demand for nutritious, high-quality protein by using the most modern hormone-free products,” in vitro fertilization to multiply the offspring of their elite animals.

The 2021 Top 150 Sire List was compiled using data collected by Vytelle SENSE Systems and Vytelle INSIGHT Analysis Services, formerly known as GrowSafe Systems. All animals tested include at least three generations of pedigrees and all animals must have an accuracy score of at least 0.6 on their EPD RFI to be eligible for the list. Each phenotyped animal strengthens the database by providing producers with insight to make profitable breeding decisions for feed efficiency and performance. With the permission of each member of the network, Vytelle shares this information publicly to collectively advance feed efficiency improvements in the industry.

“Feed accounts for 70 percent of a beef producer’s total production costs,” said Lisa Rumsfeld, vice president of international business operations for Vytelle. Whether ranchers are looking to impact their direct feed costs, earn marketing bonuses, or back up claims of reduced methane emissions with evidence-based measures, this database offers opportunities to selection for all breeds globally. “

Phenotypic data is captured through the use of Vytelle SENSE systems. Feeding nodes measure the disappearance of food every second an animal eats, every time an animal eats, at a resolution of 10 grams. The weighing position in the pen measures the partial body weight and growth of each animal. It weighs every second an animal is at the watering hole, which can equal 450 weights per day.

To find the full list of the Top 150 Proven Sires of 2021, visit https://vytelle.com/breeding-values/.


About Vytelle

Vytelle is a precision breeding company that is redefining the way beef producers around the world optimize their herds. Thanks to Vytelle’s integrated technology platform, generations of genetic gains can be achieved in just a few years. This enables producers to sustainably deliver more protein with fewer inputs, helping to ensure that meat and milk are viable and competitive food choices for future generations.

  • Vytelle publishes public feed efficacy database

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