Things That Happen In Each Of The Conjuring Movies

The Warrens are the connective tissue between each of the “Conjuring” films. While each film may position affected families or individuals as the main characters, each film is truly a story of how the Warrens come into the lives of these victims and help them in their fight against evil. So, in reality, Ed and Lorraine Warren are the main characters in these stories. They are most certainly the mascots of the entire “Conjuring” universe.

Thus, we have the opportunity to see the duo working at home. The Warrens’ home is a hotbed of paranormal activity should their “occult museum” ever be tampered with. Over the years they have collected countless items on their travels that are tainted by malevolent spirits or forces, ultimately linking the items to perpetual supernatural activity. Of course, the room is blessed and all guarantees are taken into account. But all of the “Conjuring” films depict the Warrens in their house at one point or another researching the case, interacting with the girl, or placing items in their supernatural “chest” so to speak. It’s a consistent place that recalls their adventures with each new film. For example, in the second film, an object and a painting can be seen representing the events of the 2013 film. Additionally, the painting of Valek featured prominently in the second film can be seen in the Warren household in “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It”.

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