The Twitch system targeted by a hack


A World Wide Web user posted a series of documents to the 4chan discussion board on Wednesday, October 6, claiming to have acquired various internal documents as well as the resource code for the online video streaming platform Twitch. The case confirmed in a tweet that there was indeed a leak, even stating “Do the job quickly to understand the scope” of the problem.

The recording of data files accessible for download (with The globe could not verify authenticity) reveals that the files revealed mostly correspond to the instruments and code applied to manage the website’s infrastructure, its security, ad exposure, evaluation of information about visitors and many others. A listing corroborated by the specialized media The Report.

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In total, 128 gigabytes of data were put up on the Web, the Net surfer who posted them affirmed that they came from Web repositories which allowed the sharing of the code of the computer system. This same man or this same woman promises to have hacked these files in retaliation since “community [de Twitch] it’s really a toxic cesspool ”, a reference to the moderation challenges that the website is generally accused of. Other stolen files only have to be introduced, continues the person concerned.

Also pass Twitch strengthens its moderation resources against hate raids

These files include a list of billings produced by the platform’s most adopted creators, where some World Wide Web clients film alone enjoying video game titles, generating audio, or in bulk, often in front of hundreds. thousands of viewers. Various creators have verified the authenticity of this list and the figures disclosed, no Zerator, one of the most popular French streamers.

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