The editorial taught the ‘why’ of the governor’s policy

Thanks for the thoughtful and well-reasoned op-ed on Ron DeSantis and the revival (“A ‘Woke’ Calculation: Hurting Millions So DeSantis Can Win,” August 24).

In other articles, I’ve read who, what, where, and when about DeSantis, which is an essential tool in shaping my opinions and determining who gets my vote and support. But I like to learn the “why”. Especially about those whose beliefs really baffle me.

I strive to be awake enough to learn new ideas, challenge old ones, and apply the “golden rule” to all. I further apply political matters not only to the Constitution, but also to our Bill of Rights.

Although I am not an expert in either, I can easily find explanations from reputable experts through journalists, writers, and the wonderful/terrible World Wide Web.

Therefore, DeSantis does not get my vote or my support.

I can take a nap now, but I’m still “awake”.

Mary Owens Orlando

What has more influence on the moral development of a young child, a book or a parent? Obviously, a parent not only has more influence, but has an obligation to produce morally sound people who, in adulthood, will grow into compassionate, empathetic, and productive citizens.

That’s why I think we should ban some people from becoming parents. People who only care about themselves, who want to demand that everyone adhere to their particular moral code. People who want to prevent my child to read certain books simply because he does not want to their child to read them.

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Instead of proposing a system where parents can sign a form allowing or not their child to borrow books from a list of objectionable books, these parents prefer to abdicate their parental responsibilities to the state. “Let the government ban the books I don’t like!” they proclaim at school board meetings. “Let the government control the privacy of all citizens as long as it is in line with my views,” they roar from the security of their Twitter feed.

These parents cannot be relied upon to raise well-adjusted children. They should be put on a no-parents list, even though only a few of us say so. This is my right as a parent to ban parents that I disagree with or find objectionable, rude, mean or obscene.

Ban them, I say, and send them to an ostrich farm. They will fit in perfectly.

David Frank DeLuca View of the river

To punish companies that have higher rates of return, apparently because they consider environmental, social and governance concerns (“DeSantis Blocks Certain Pension Investments,” August 24), Ron DeSantis stops them from investing , thereby reducing available state pension funds. .

This petty action is a reflection of Donald Trump’s personal revenge against those who disagree with him. You have to credit DeSantis for consistency.

James Weatherspoon Saint Cloud

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