The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy Establishes New Sub-Stack With Unreleased Music, Interactive Fan Feature and More

The Decemberists' Colin Meloy Establishes New Sub-Stack With Unreleased Music, Interactive Fan Feature and More

Along with the exciting announcement of a North American tour summer 2022Colin Meloy, lead singer and songwriter of the Grammy-nominated band The Decemberists, has just launched a Substack, an online platform that supports subscription-based newsletters.

“The Machine Shop,” Meloy’s Substack, will be a place where he shares new music, never-before-seen demos, personal journal entries, original written stories, serialized fiction, and song appreciations and analyzes from other artists. It will also be a forum through which Meloy will communicate and connect with its audience through the comment sections, discussion threads, and unique audio and video features. Free and paid subscriptions will be available.

In his announcement post on Substack, Meloy commented, “Here I’m going to pull some of my old songs off the shelf and lay them bare for you to see, showing the innards of things, the weird lattice that actually what they are. But not just my own songs; I will carefully unbolt the cases of the songs I love and admire, put them on the workbench (being careful to remember the order in which they were been taken apart) and see what makes them work.

Along with the benefit of hearing never-before-seen demos, subscribers will get a behind-the-scenes look at demos of classic and favorite Decemberist songs that have never been released before. Meloy will also explore how they have changed and evolved. He will also publish original written pieces, excerpts and previews of books he is working on, as well as new serialized fiction. Meloy also writes in his announcement post, “I hope to create a better connection between me and you, dear reader, one that is outside of the ad-dominated, corporate-sponsored, and dominated social media space. by the algorithms. So: welcome to The Machine Shop. Make yourself at home. Don’t mind the rust and dust. Everything is a work in progress here.

Photo credit: Sharon Alagna


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