The coolest novelties of the week, from Lee x Pendleton to the new parka from The North Face


O what can you, knight in arms, lonely and pale strolling (on Etsy)? Not enough drops of new product to keep lake wilting sedge? If so, you’ve come to the right little pocket of the World Wide Web. It’s Friday, which means it’s (again) time for our weekly call for the internet’s sickest new launches and launches. Last week we saw Balenciaga x Croc high heels, cool Marmot parkas, an APL x Dune capsule collection and many other items that made us reconsider our stances on shopping cults.

This week, we’re dusting off the old pom poms and encouraging a Lee and Pendleton collaboration, a set of Sesame Street aprons from the good people of Hedley & Bennett, John Mayer’s signature laundry detergent (yes, really), and more bananas for fill your virtual shopping cart. After all, you have earned it.

Read on to see our favorite drops this week, from tasty streetwear to “handcuff” season BDSM toys and everything that tickled our… “fancy” on what looks like the first ~ real ~ fall week.

Lee x pendleton

When one of the best denim slingers (Lee) in the country teams up with one of the best blanket makers (Pendleton), you get a creation more American than bald eagle soup. Coincidentally, the collaboration comes just in time for bald-less soup season, with patchwork checkered chore coats, hearty jackets and reworked denim classics.

Lee x pendleton

Patchwork chore coat

Lee x pendleton

Striped wool blanket

Babes unbound bracelet handcuffs

Untied babes would definitely be the place from where all the cool kids Euphoria get dildos. (Just look at this futuristic wand double prostate and G-spot.) The brand also takes seriously its philosophy of changing the public conversation about sexual well-being (they have already sent out thousands of vibrators to members of Congress to support reproductive health), and all of their toys are tested for. high quality engineering. How cool will these handcuffs look hanging on your bedroom mirror or dashboard?

Untied babes

Bangle handcuffs bracelet

Hedley & Bennett x Sesame Street

We’ve gone for the Grateful Dead apron collaboration from Hedley & Bennett, and now they’re pulling our Muppet heart strings with this Sesame Street collection, which includes aprons for every Cookie Monster and Big Bird baker stan in the sun.

Sesame Street X Hedley & Bennett

Large Bird Apron

Sesame Street X Hedley & Bennett

Best Friends Apron

Sesame Street X Hedley & Bennett

Monster Cookie Apron

The North Face HMLYN Down Parka

The North Face understands that we want a parka for bodega racing that could brave the ascent of Mount Everest as well, because that is what it sometimes feels like. Baby needs full neck coverage and large pockets; that’s why they give us the HMLYN parka, tested in the harshest conditions to give you the most cozy results.

The north face

Men’s HMLYN Down Parka

The Grateful Dead x Nixon watches

For those who run on Jerry Time, Nixon and the Grateful Dead have collaborated on some really sick watches that will come in handy when you rip that bang to the stars and need a foot – or a watch – to get hooked on reality. To the owner of these vibey accessories, adorned with dancing bears and skellies: you are our future favorite granola billionaire. Now, please take that seal off for us already.

Nixon X the Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Time Teller watch in silver

Nixon X the Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Time Teller Watch

Everlane quilt jacket

If you’re looking for a longer down jacket, Everlane just ditched their Duvet Coat, a quilt-like smoky overcoat that will make you look like a boss while protecting you from bumps this winter. It also has a chic rope tie at the waist, to make it look like you’re secretly an Upper East Side lady who uses “weekend” as a verb.

Bathing Culture’s first fragrance is inspired by the redwoods of California

People are still trying to find a way to smoke, sip, and bottle the spirit of California, and Bathing Culture is among the best of them [waves to D.S. & Durga Big Sur candle]. The natural and eco-friendly body and wellness brand has just launched its very first unisex roll-on fragrance, with a woody scent reminiscent of the Cathedral Grove forest by Muir Woods. Send it to someone who is homesick for the Golden State, or who needs to cover up the smell of weed on their clothes.

Bathing Culture

Cathedral Grove Perfume Oil


Lords of Mid-Century Modern Home Decor Western elm and CLOSED HOURS, the self-proclaimed masters of ‘unreasonably comfortable clothes to wear at home’ have teamed up to create a collection of stylish coats and duvets to cover our homes and clothes this winter – and damn if these puffer jackets aren’t a welcome start. from our usual schlumpfy winter jackets.


University duvet


Indoor coat


Quilt Michelangelo

West Elm x Heather Taylor at home

And because West Elm just doesn’t want to give up, we also have a new gingham duvet cover to look forward to for winter, which is made in collaboration with Heather Taylor Home. It’s made with premium European linen, which means you won’t get overheated like with most other flannel plaid sheets (in other words: great for West Coast locals, or anyone whose apartment gets strangely too hot in winter).

West Elm X Heather Taylor Home

Vichy duvet cover and pillow shams

Uniqlo x White Mountaineering

White Mountaineering is a weird ass name for an outerwear company in 2021, but the cuts they made in collaboration with Uniqlo are really cool. Think earth-toned parkas and sweaters that can take you into winter (and even spring) with their color combinations and layering. We particularly appreciate the fullness of the sleeves on the oversized parkas.

Uniqlo X White Mountaineering

Long-sleeved oversized fleece jacket

The Laundress x John Mayer

Your body is a wonderland, as it is dressed in clothes that have been washed by this all-natural detergent made by Laundress and John Mayer, whose affinity for perfumes has been legendary ever since. Diptyque viral video. There are undertones of sandalwood, leather and amber, along with some spice, patchouli and musk. Oh yeah, and gas lighting top notes.

Laundress X John Mayer

Detergent Out West

Bathrobes Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta just released a new line of bathrobes in great shades, and that’s what we’re here for (and we would love one as a holiday gift, thank you). And to think that for most of our life we ​​have considered this aquamarine color. Or, IDK… blue? But no. This is Bottega Veneta’s “BLASTER”, baby, and it’s the only color we’re going to ask the salon now when we put on this ~ intrecciato ~ cotton terry robe. Perfect for lounging at home, and the Gucci House first.

Bottega Veneta

Blaster bathrobe

Go ahead and spread the word about online shopping. (And then multiply.)

The game room staff independently selected all of the items featured in this story.

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