The administrator of an illegal download site has stopped



The gentleman acknowledged his work in the administration of the “” site in which Internet users could pay attention or obtain songs fraudulently. Sacem assesses the damage at more than 5.5 million euros.

The web page was engaging effectively, with double the help given the start of the year. But it presented illegal downloads: more than 10,000 albums of songs produced there to French and Moroccan customers, as well as films. Volume of damage estimated by Sacem: well over 5.5 million euros.

Now “” is absent, inaccessible since the arrest on September 21, which the gendarmes suspect of having caught the designer and administrator of the site, in view of the footprints he still left.

The staff, located in Amiens by the investigation part of Lille-Villeneuve-d’Ascq, acknowledged their involvement in the administration with, according to their statements, the help of a good friend in Morocco. He was placed under judicial supervision with a ban on leaving the region pending trial on February 2.

Investigations are continuing to establish the man or woman who acquired the income from the promotion.


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