POM: London-based dating app grabs £ 1.5million to match users based on their musical tastes


As Tinder has become something of the internet for those looking to date and for most of us, quit at some point as it ultimately becomes more of a ‘swipe right and left’ game. on profiles rather than finding the perfect match. Now, as the industry tries new ways to meet user demands, they are coming up with new formats trying to create a niche for those looking for a more engaged relationship through online dating.

While some try to bring TikTok functionality into their app, others only target elite crowds, there is another in the block trying to create matches based on the musical and psychological compatibility of the l ‘user. This one is known as POM, and now the smart dating app has just raked in £ 1.5million in a pre-launch angel investment round via undisclosed investors.

POM was started by Vihan Patel, a promising 22-year-old entrepreneur, who teamed up with his co-founder Vladimir Ignatyev, whom he met at school.

Launch in London next week!

The app already has 25,000 members and is currently accepting pre-registrations. The official launch of the POM app in London is scheduled for August 10. The investment will be used to further develop its emotional algorithm that matches users based on their music library on Apple Music or Spotify and half a dozen questions. After the first 15,000 members answer the questions, machine learning technology will automate the process.

Vihan Patel, co-founder of POM said: “I first came up with the idea for POM at university, where I organized club nights. It became evident that people behaved very differently depending on the type of party, a rock music or R&B themed party for example. It influenced what they wore, the drinks they bought and the way they interacted with each other, proving how instrumental music is to a person’s identity (forgive the playing of words !). “

At present, the app has gained a lot in popularity and has 2,500 members per week who sign up to use it. This is evident because the app recorded over 2,000 downloads in just two days. POM aims to build its team of developers made up of former employees of IBM, Columbia, JP Morgan and Merlin.

“It made me think that music clearly plays a deeper role in who we are than most think. It is a voice for emotion, and using music as a vehicle to understand emotion allows for a better understanding of others, and of course, potential partners.

How does POM work?

POM harnesses the ‘power of music’ and channels it into an exciting and inclusive application to provide authentic and meaningful connections based on a shared love of the same music. In a dating scene dominated by simple swipes to choose profiles, POM likes to do things differently and connects users based on their musical history and emotional responses, thanks to its smart technology. To do this, the app uses the data provided by users to organize a perfect end-to-end social and dating experience.

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