Pfizer, Roche and Teva win 2021 Cannes Lions of Pharma, but wearable company wins top prize for creativity


Cannes Lions awarded its long-awaited Pharmaceutical Grand Prix after the festival’s cancellation last year to a non-pharmaceutical company.

Woojer audio wearable company, along with its healthcare agency FCB Health’s Area 23, won the Creative Festival’s top pharmaceutical award for “Sick Beats,” its music experience and treatment. vest for people with cystic fibrosis.

Using deep 40Hz bass vibrations, the vest releases mucus in patients’ lungs, in a similar fashion to their traditional swing vests, but without the physical pounding and with a more “fun” musical experience. As one young girl put it on video, sporting a big smile as she used it, “I feel like I’m inside a loudspeaker. … This is so cool!”

Pharmaceutical Jury President Anne de Schweinitz, Managing Director Healthcare at FleishmanHillard, called the technology-inspired effort “a solution, an innovation and certainly more than a campaign.” It’s something that will change people’s lives.

The vest and the campaign were led by Area 23, who came up with the idea and sought out Woojer as a partner. He also won two gold medals and a bronze medal.

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Although excluded from the grand prize, traditional pharmaceutical companies were still well represented among the early winners.

Teva won a Gold and Silver Pharmaceutical Lion for its unbranded movie “Hairspray” on an elderly man who becomes a hairdresser, goes to beauty school and learns the trade, as a caregiver for his sick wife.

Roche’s Genentech won a Silver Lion for its “Blooodless Battle” branded video series of eSports for people with hemophilia.

Pfizer won three bronze awards for three different campaigns, including its Chantix DTC campaign with its now familiar animated quitting turkey. The pharmaceutical company also won the unbranded vaccine work award with a ‘Mozart 80’ concert in Shanghai, which used AI to imagine music if Mozart hadn’t died of a bacterial infection at age 35. . movie about a young woman with familial amyloid polyneuropathy (FAP).

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Argenx won a bronze for his “A Mystery to Me” myasthenia gravis docuseries, with real patients talking about the rare and unpredictable disease, while Janssen also won a pharma lion bronze for his countryside to stop the stigma and discrimination around depression.

Along with the winners of the pharmaceutical companies, their agencies have won awards for overall victories. FCB Health took home the Healthcare Network of the Year award and its Zone 23 won the Healthcare Agency of the Year award. Both were winners for the second time: FCB Health won the Network of the Year award in 2018, while Area 23 won the agency award in 2017.

Cannes officials noted that although the number of participants in the pharmaceutical awards was lower than the number of many other advertising categories at the festival, it recorded the largest increase in registrations in 2021. This time around, the pharmaceutical category has attracted 40% more admissions, more than any other category compared to the last Lions Festival in 2019.

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