Ozzy Tires is revolutionizing the automotive industry with its new algorithmic purchasing platform

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/May 18, 2022/ Over the past few years, the automotive industry has seen many changes that have made the field much better and more user-friendly. However, there are still challenges in the industry. For example, it is difficult to find tire manufacturers who sell wheels and tires together. With almost every industry moving their operations online, it is also difficult to buy wheels and tires online.

According to the founder of Ozzy Tires, which inspired him to expand Ozzy Tires from a simple brick-and-mortar wheel and tire business into a more tech-focused store. He explains that his objective is twofold. First, he wants to bring a more innovative approach to the automotive industry to simplify and speed up the purchase of wheels and tires. Second, he wants Australians to have the most convenient and accessible approach to buying premium wheels and tyres. He believes that the masses should be able to afford the best product possible, and that’s what has driven Ozzy Tires from the start.

Having been in the industry for years, he uses his experience and skills to bring revolutionary change to the automotive industry and the way it serves others.

“One of the main reasons most people are hesitant to buy wheels and tires online is that it can be difficult to find the right fit for your car,” says the CEO of Ozzy Tires.

To resolve this, Ozzy Tires get into the driver’s seat, so to speak. Customers want the best product at the most affordable prices, so that’s what Ozzy Tires was able to accomplish. They are redefining the process to make it easy for people to buy tires online and have them delivered to the comfort of their own home. This makes it convenient for everyone across the continent, making Ozzy Tires “the people’s business”.

Ozzy Tires is also transforming wheel and tire packaging and providing customers with a more user-friendly experience. Rather than selling their wheel and tire separately, Ozzy Tires offers both as a whole, removing the confusion that often arises when buying tires. The team explains that one of the reasons they decided to use this approach is to ensure that their customers get the right wheels and tires for their vehicles without wasting a lot of time.

Most people want to buy wheels and tires together so the rims and tires all come together. However, many companies have them separately because most buyers don’t have the technical specs of what would fit their vehicles. Working in the traditional tire and wheel sales industry for over 20 years, the CEO of Ozzy Tires uses his skills to create an algorithm based on customers’ cars and models.

Ozzy Tires have developed a system that takes the guesswork out and creates a more user-friendly experience where they group packages and determine the wheel and tires based on your car make and model. Thanks to their websiteOzzy Tires offers a variety of wheels and tires where they use collected information to ensure that every customer gets the perfect fit.

Instead of scrolling through hundreds of images, Ozzy Tires makes it easy for the user, and all he has to do is enter his specs based on his car make and model. They also use their platform to answer some of their most frequently asked questions, helping customers better understand how to take the right steps. These are just a few examples of how the company focuses on customer experience, making it the preferred source for tires and wheels. It is no coincidence that they put their customers first and have been able to achieve some of the heights of success. They understand that the people they serve are just as important as the product they offer.

Although there are challenges in the automotive industry, Ozzy Tires is on a mission to transform the field by providing sustainable solutions. Looking ahead, the Ozzy Tires CEO says his current goal is to personalize the shopping experience based on customers’ vehicle type. For example, if you have a Mercedes, that would be categorized as Euro. So, the whole website will change according to this genre, allowing you to be part of the whole experience from start to finish.

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