Ovation Fertility / Presagen Study on Artificial Intelligence Data Cleansing Published by Scientific Reports at Nature.com


The international collaborative study evaluated the performance of a new data cleaning algorithm that improved the performance of AI in the selection of embryos by IVF and the detection of pneumonia in chest x-rays.

Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD / CC, Vice President of Scientific Advancement, Ovation Fertility

Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD / CC, Vice President of Scientific Advancement, Ovation Fertility
Dr VerMilyea discusses Presagen's Life Whisperer AI software with members of the Ovation Lab team and Ovation CEO Paul Kappelman (right).

Dr VerMilyea discusses Presagen’s Life Whisperer AI software with members of the Ovation Lab team and Ovation CEO Paul Kappelman (right).

Dr VerMilyea discusses Presagen’s Life Whisperer AI software with members of the Ovation Lab team and Ovation CEO Paul Kappelman (right).

Los Angeles, September 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – IVF Service Company Ovation Fertility announces the publication of a new study, “Automated Detection of Poor-Quality Data: Case Studies in Health,” by Scientific Reports, a journal of the Nature portfolio. The study, which focuses on a new data cleaning technique to improve the use of artificial intelligence in the selection of embryos in IVF and in the detection of pneumonia in chest x-rays, is now available online at the address OvationFertility.com and to Nature.com.

The international study was co-produced by US-Australian healthcare company Presagen and US company Ovation Fertility, in collaboration with the Department of Medical Imaging – SAMI, Women’s and Children’s Hospital Campus, Adelaide, Australia. Authors include Milad Dakka (Presagen), Tuc Van Nguyen (Presagen), Jonathan Hall (Presagen), Sonya Diakiw (Presagen), Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea (Ovation), Rebecca Linke (SAMI), Michelle Perugini (Presagen) and Don Perugini (Presagen).

“This study proved that the UDC algorithm can automatically detect errors in medical data – even those that may be missed by qualified medical experts,” explains Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD / CC, Vice President of Scientific Advancement at Ovation. “The development of this new algorithm is a giant step towards creating commercially scalable and reliable AI products for use not only in the IVF lab, but in other healthcare applications. I am proud to have participated in this study and look forward to continuing collaborative research with Presagen as we work together to develop new technologies that will improve IVF outcomes for families.

This study demonstrates the effectiveness of a new data cleansing algorithm, Untrainable Data Cleansing (UDC), which can automatically identify and enable the removal of low-quality data to improve AI performance and reporting. This patent-pending algorithm was developed by Presagen for its Life Whisperer product, which uses AI to select the best embryo to transfer to improve IVF pregnancy outcomes. Already used in IVF laboratories around the world, Life Whisperer has been shown to perform 25% better than manual embryo assessment methods, which rely heavily on the visual appearance of an embryo under a microscope.

In this study, UDC was also applied to chest x-rays, identifying poor quality images that are clinically uninformative and counterproductive for training AI systems. The UDC has also been applied to two non-medical issues: the detection of mislabeled vehicle types as well as cats and dogs.

In all cases, the SVP effectively identified poor quality data and dramatically improved accuracy and generalizability. Other benefits included protecting private patient data and reducing the time, cost and data required to train the AI ​​system. The results also indicate that the UCD could be useful as a triage tool to identify difficult clinical cases that may warrant further evaluation or additional testing to support a diagnosis.

Learn more about Ovation research at OvationFertility.com/Recherche.

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Presagen is an artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare company focused on creating scalable AI products to improve women’s healthcare outcomes globally. Presagen is changing the way global medical data is connected to create and deliver affordable, accessible and AI-enabled healthcare products. Its platform, The Social Network for Healthcare, connects a global collaborative network of clinics and their diverse medical data to create scalable and unbiased AI products. Presagen’s flagship fertility products are Life Whisperer branded and focus on the application of AI to improve IVF outcomes for couples struggling with fertility. Life Whisperer apps are licensed for sale in two-thirds of the global market and are sold in IVF clinics around the world. Learn more about www.Presagen.com.


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