Ningbo, Zhejiang Province Welcomes 2022 Global Digital Economy

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Sept. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The 2022 Global Digital Economy Conference and the 12th Smart City and Intelligent Economy Expo are being held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, from Sept. 2-4. . The conference focuses on supernormal high-quality development of digital economy based on “Digital Drive, Intelligence Development”. Successful results have been achieved through “1+7” online and offline thematic events, including the opening ceremony, thematic forums, exhibitions, industrial docking, information consumption day, Innovation and Design Week, publication of results and digital and intellectual innovation.

The conference creates a panoramic showcase of the digital economy industry in “online + offline”, “real + virtual” and “intensive + sustainable” forms. During the conference, more than 150 top experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from home and abroad deliver keynote speeches on cutting-edge trends and innovative ideas in the digital economy. A total of 220 enterprises participate in the offline expo covering an area of ​​25,000 square meters, and nearly 1,200 enterprises appear online, jointly displaying the latest technologies and achievements of the digital economy. A number of scenario applications such as 5G+ Industrial Internet, Industrial Brain, Future Factory, Blockchain, Digital Twin and Metaverse, as well as China’s Top 100 Enterprise Competitiveness Report electronic information industry and other research results are published successively. More than 12 million people visit the exhibition online or offline, resulting in a lot of collaborations. At the opening ceremony, 70 projects were signed, amounting to 35.8 billion yuan. At the same time, a series of industrial docking and application promotion activities were held for leading fields such as artificial intelligence, metaverse, industrial brain, industrial Internet and intelligent sensing to promote a precise alignment of the upstream and downstream of the industry. chain and between regions.

After years of cultivation and development, the World Conference on Digital Economy and Expo on Smart City and Smart Economy has increasingly become an “industrial weather vane”, an “achievement display window “, a “source of cooperation”, an “incubator of innovation” and a “science and technology”. pool” in the field of the development of the digital economy and the construction of smart cities.

As the venue for this conference, Ningbo is among the first batch of cities in China to implement smart manufacturing and “5G+ Industrial Internet”. Now, aiming to become a world capital of smart manufacturing and innovation, Ningbo is vigorously pushing the supernormal high-quality development of digital economy and striving to serve as a benchmark city for high-quality development. of the digital economy. in China.

Ningbo, Zhejiang Province Hosts 2022 Global Digital Economy Conference

This conference focuses on benefits for all. Through various opening scenarios and interactions, the achievements of digitization are visible and tangible. In the double-line exhibition, a “new and strange” intelligent experiment in the field of digital economy, which includes new experiments in the virtual and real metaverse, digitized virtual humans, a robot coffee kiosk, images intelligent ultrasound, etc., broadcast vividly and promote the achievements of digital development that benefit people. A series of theme activities such as “2022 Ningbo Information Consumption Experience Day”, “2022 Ningbo Innovation Design Week” and “Children’s Science and Technology Research” are successfully held at the same time . A large number of “5G information consumption coupons” and “digital RMB red packets” are jointly issued, attracting the attention and participation of a large number of citizens and students of colleges, schools primary and secondary. All these events showcase and further popularize the achievements of digital and smart technologies, products and applications, and provide a new and better life for everyone in the era of digital economy.

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