New study reports massive censorship efforts by broadcast news networks


A new Media Research Center study released Tuesday shows that broadcast news networks favor articles on censorship over the issue of freedom of expression.

The report follows several recent cases of major tech platforms such as Facebook, Google and YouTube limiting and censoring information about millions of COVID-19-related posts. Most notably, YouTube announced in September that the company would step up efforts to limit and ban videos disseminating “misinformation” regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.


The increase in censorship received positive coverage on the evening news broadcast. Pro-censorship stories and mentions outnumbered those supporting free speech 12-0 in the evening news on the network. Much of that coverage has focused on the network’s support for pushing President Joe Biden to restrict the content of the coronavirus, the report says.

In the midst of these censorship efforts, liberal journalists often show their support for censoring “disinformation”. In October, CNN presenter Don Lemon argued for even censoring opinions that are not “based on some sort of fact.”

“It should be true… You can have opinions based on fact. OK? So at the very least, it should be true. And it should be based on some sort of fact,” Lemon said. “Beyond that – let’s start with that baseline, that baseline right there. And then we can continue with the rest.”

Smartphone with fake news inscription in channels.  Design of a growing fake news problem.

Smartphone with fake news inscription in channels. Design of a growing fake news problem.

CNN, however, was not the only network promoting pro-censorship ideas. According to MRC, pro-censorship stories and references outnumbered support for free speech 12-0 on all major broadcast networks.

“Media coverage of the Coronavirus led to overwhelming support for online censorship. Pro-censorship stories and mentions outnumbered 12 to 0 supporting free speech on the broadcast network’s news shows. Much of this coverage has focused on the network’s support for President Joe Biden’s push to restrict coronavirus content, ”the study reported.“ The remaining 20 percent of evening reports aired on the network that covered Big Tech censorship (3 of 15) were neutral. None of the reports took a stand in favor of free speech. and the NBC evening news coverage of the third quarter news coverage. “

smart city file image: istock

smart city file image: istock

The Media Research Center reported similar results in April and July, giving tech giants, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, a “D” or “F” on freedom of expression. ‘expression.

Censorship on social media has often targeted conservative personalities and sites. In 2020, Republican staff on the House Judiciary Committee released a report condemning the “lopsided” censorship leadership of tech giants.

“Congress must take more direct and powerful action to fight censorship in big tech,” the committee’s report said. “Whether this happens on Twitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon or elsewhere in Silicon Valley, unbalanced censorship threatens civic discourse and undermines American values ​​and freedoms. It must be addressed.”


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