Neither a borrower nor a lender should be: Strongsville Police Blotter


Harassing Communication: Pearl Road

On November 23, a Strongsville resident called police to say his daughter’s friend’s mother was stalking her daughter over a borrowed sweater. The resident provided the officer with a screenshot of a voicemail transcript allegedly left by the mother that she deemed inappropriate to send to an eighth grader.

The caller said she would attempt to return the sweater.

The officer then spoke to the other mother, who said she now had the sweater and would cease all contact with the minor.

Bah Humbug Parking Complaint: Clare Court

On November 23, police received an anonymous call about a cherry picker which had been parked on Clare Court for four days.

An arriving officer spoke to a landlord, who said all the residents on the street had gotten together and rented the equipment to put Christmas lights on their roofs. The resident said he would move the basket.

Motocross Blues: Drake Road

On November 23, police were dispatched to a location on Drake Road after a resident complained that someone was riding a mountain bike in the area.

An arriving officer located two minors, who were with their grandfather. The officer gave the man his second warning about riding dirt bikes on the street.

Flight: SouthPark Center

On November 23, a hospital worker called the police after discovering that someone had stolen her purse while she was working. The woman said she had credit cards in the purse. There are no suspects. The police are investigating.

Mandate: Sprague Road

During a traffic stop of a Dodge on November 23, the officer discovered that the driver had a warrant from the Parma Police Department. The driver was arrested and held for transport.

Suspicious situation: Royalton Road

On November 23, a concerned guardian came to the police station about a suspicious situation involving her disabled sister. The woman feared that her sister would be scammed by using her credit card to buy gift cards.

An arriving officer spoke to the sister, who had been scammed years ago and was not currently being defrauded.

However, the sister had spoken with a man, who was most likely abroad. The sister was informed of the situation.

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