Navigate the new algorithm on Instagram

Instagram has finally shed light on how its algorithm works. This is huge for marketers because it will change the way we develop content for Instagram while taking away some of the guesswork that we have had to make over the past few years. In this article, I will explain how to work with the new Instagram algorithm and what you need to know about it.

Over the past few years, the Instagram algorithm has undergone many changes and modifications. The first noticeable change came when they changed the Instagram feed and stopped showing posts in chronological order, instead showing what would be most valuable to the user. Instagram had determined that this was a necessary change in 2016, claiming that most people missed 70% of all posts in their feed, including almost half of posts from loved ones. However, when the algorithm changed, many people saw a massive drop in engagement and as these changes to Instagram’s algorithms continued they were a source of frustration for many creators and businesses. . So… what has changed now?

How does Instagram’s algorithm actually work?

In June 2021, through a series of blog posts, Instagram finally revealed exactly how their “algorithm” works. This shed light on what people have been speculating for years but were never 100% sure. The interesting findings and confirmations are as follows:

What is the algorithm?

When using Instagram, whether it’s the Feed, Explore, or Reels page, each section uses its own algorithm based on how people use and interact with it. When browsing their stories, users are more likely to want to see close friends or people they know personally, rather than wanting to discover something entirely new when in Explore. Instagram categorizes things differently in different parts of the app, depending on how people use them. The system predicts your level of interest in the material; if he thinks you’ll like the content of a post, he’ll prioritize it in your feed. A few data points influence this, including:

  1. What type of content have you already engaged with?
  2. What accounts have you subscribed to?
  3. Which Explorer feed posts did you click?

For example, if you shop a lot online, your feed will show you user posts that match what you’ve researched and purchased online. The algorithm tries to provide people with material that they want to consume.

How are the publications classified?

Instagram has defined some key features that are used to determine how posts are ranked:

1. Job information

  • How successful / popular is a post
  • When it was posted
  • Duration (if video publication)
  • Site
  • If people like, comment on, share, and save a post quickly
  • For reels what is the video content like trending / popular audio tracks

2. Information about the person who posted

  • Whether the person is found to be interesting or relevant to your online behavior
  • How many times have people interacted with this person in the past few weeks
  • If the person’s content is popular and frequently interacts with

3. Your activity

  • What do you normally like
  • What are your interests
  • Signals like posts you liked, saved, or commented on and how you’ve interacted with Explore Page posts in the past
  • The reels you liked, commented on and recently engaged with

4. Your interaction history with someone

  • People you interact with frequently are more likely to appear higher in your feed
  • How interested you might be in what someone shared
  • If you’ve interacted with the person before and their content is what you like

5 Instagram management tips you need to know

Now that you know a little more about how the algorithm works, here are some Instagram tips you need to know.

And remember: you don’t have to be an expert to get started. Start with what you need to realistically accomplish and focus on what you do well and what people seem to like. Always be authentic!

1. Distribute high-value content and post it regularly

Remember, Instagram wants you to stay on their platform, so if you post regularly, Instagram can show your page to more people. Another tip is to keep track of your posts that get the most registrations and interactions, and download more content like this. Backups are a great way to see which of your content is really delivering value to your audience.

2. Login with other accounts in your niche

Look for accounts in your niche that have more followers than you, or that seem to be doing well. You can refer to what they’re doing if you run out of ideas or start interacting with their content. In doing so, you might end up drawing their audience to your page.

3. Use hashtags! (Yes they still work)

Make sure the hashtags you use are related to your material and avoid overly popular hashtags. Add them to your publications, but also to your stories! Hashtags on Instagram now have their own global stories, and this can be a great way to find new audiences and be seen even more.

4. Use stories to increase engagement and add value to your audience.

Attract followers to your content by creating valuable Instagram stories. Take advantage of the stickers feature and create polls, questions and answers or other fun content. Let your followers be curious and make them feel included!

5. Engage with your followers

Don’t let your followers feel alone. Interact with them! If they interact with your posts and stories, respond to them and thank them, or answer any questions they may have. As we have learned, the algorithm increases your visibility with the people who interact with your page. It’s an easy way to make a big impact on your audience.


Engagement on Instagram can be difficult to achieve sometimes, even when you have a large number of followers. But by understanding and working with the algorithm, you can find your way back to the top of the Explore page. Social media is about being social – and Instagram, more than ever, rewards people who do just that.

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