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The results are known when it comes to the most trusted social media network for consumers.

The responses generated by Gen Z in a recent survey were very different from those of respondents from other age groups.

Obviously they are attacking social media privacy in a more drastic way and that’s why it was interesting to see the results.

Although there was no clear winner in this regard, Gen Z consumers felt that social networks had separate policies in place to protect privacy. In addition, the survey indicated that there were significantly fewer “not sure” responses recorded compared to other age groups, which amounted to 68%.

25% of Gen Z respondents saved their responses for the social network they could trust. And meta properties took the lead with 24%.

Instagram ranked first with 13% of votes, closely followed by Facebook with 11%. Snapchat was a close second, but interestingly, Snap was 3x more preferred by Gen Z compared to older age groups. This is where only 3% of them felt they could trust Snapchat.

Only 9% of Gen Z users say TikTok was able to protect their privacy online, nearly four times higher than that seen for the older population.

Besides social media reach, we’ve seen Gen Z align with the older cohort in terms of privacy, where some have even gone so far as to provide significant support to others. For example, 41% of them felt that Google offered the best privacy policies in terms of search engines. And it was almost 4 points more than the others.

In terms of mobile carriers, 72% felt that Apple’s iPhones were the best in terms of privacy, 21% more than older cohorts felt.

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