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TOKYO & SAN JOSE, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – December 21, 2021–

Mawari, a leading XR streaming solution provider, today announced that its 3DXR content streaming platform for the Metaverse will debut on the AWS Marketplace next month, a catalog of software managed and curated by ‘Amazon Web Services which enables customers to immediately find, purchase and deploy third party software. 1 The platform leverages the ultra-low latencies enabled by AWS Wavelength 2. AWS Wavelength: AWS Wavelength integrates AWS compute and storage services at the edge of 5G networks and enables developers to build applications and services that require increased speeds, massive bandwidth and low latency.

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Mawari XR Streaming Demo (Photo: Business Wire)

Mawari’s 3DXR content delivery platform will feature The digital human as a service (DHaaS) as the first demonstration of the capabilities of this platform, featuring multilingual human avatars broadcast in 3D and interactive 3D content in combination with transparent indoor and outdoor spatial mapping which together provide accurate delivery of interactive, personalized and geo-local 3DXR experiences on smartphones and XR glasses. A video demonstrating the capabilities of the platform is available at

Luis Oscar Ramirez Solorzano, CEO of Mawari says:

“We are proud of this momentous introduction of our interactive 3DXR content streaming platform powered by AWS. Our unique approach delivers rich, high-quality interactive content to mobile XR devices while overcoming the otherwise insurmountable limitations of end-user devices. Simply put, we shift the rendering power and loads upstream to the cloud, then deliver that content in real-time to devices in a never-before-seen way that preserves the richness of the content.

Uniquely, Mawari’s patent-pending 3D Streaming CODEC enables the highest visual quality to be delivered to mobile XR devices by dramatically reducing the heavy processing requirements of rich interactive and ultra-realistic 3D content like digital humans. in real time, reducing costs, data size and battery consumption while freeing up scalability.

Mawari’s platform is compatible with modern web browsers or applications built with Unreal Engine and Unity. The platform’s split rendering capability allows developers to decide what content should be rendered in the cloud versus the end-user device where, for example, UI or lightweight content could ideally be. rendered.

CEO Luis Oscar Ramirez Solorzano concludes:

“While others are talking about the future of the Metaverse, we are realizing it today. Our technological innovation is goal-driven – our mission is to provide creative businesses and developers around the world with the right tools and infrastructure, enabling them to bring the metaverse of the physical world to life on a range of mobile XR devices too. wide as possible… as soon as possible. Digital Human as a Service is just the start.

1: AWS Marketplace: A managed and organized software catalog that enables customers to find, purchase, and deploy third-party software immediately

2: AWS Wavelength: AWS Wavelength integrates AWS compute and storage services at the edge of 5G networks and enables developers to build applications and services that require increased speeds, massive bandwidth, and ultra-low latency, such as machine learning inference, Internet of Things (IoT), and video and game streaming.

About Mawari Inc.

Mawari, Inc. has pioneered the creation of cloud rendering and streaming technologies for interactive XR experiences since 2018. Since then, Mawari’s client list has been made up of visionary innovators in the field of telecommunications and entertainment, including KDDI Corporation, Sapporo Breweries Ltd., Adways. Co., Ltd and AFK Australia. As part of its larger technology stack, Mawari has developed a proprietary, XR-focused 3D content delivery platform that renders 3D content in the cloud and efficiently delivers it to devices. At the heart of it all is Mawari’s unique patent-pending 3D streaming compression / CODEC technology that minimizes the weight of 3D content and enables real-time rendering and streaming on smartphones and XR glasses. Mawari’s mission is to accelerate the arrival and widespread adoption of synthetic reality experiences to meet the demands of its visionary clients and has worked tirelessly to solve real world challenges to meet the demands of XR partners. visionaries.

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