management of online games on disk even with low battery, immediately after new firmware


As we pointed out some time ago, PlayStation consoles had limited functionality after CMOS battery drain or failure. Circumstances like this prevent you from starting separate video games (especially those dedicated to online multiplayer) and generally limit the functions that the console can perform.

It should be noted that this is not a common difficulty, and that these outcomes were obtained by certain lovers who have voluntarily eradicated the battery of their consoles. In all scenarios, it seems that with the latest firmware update introduced by Sony not so long ago, the challenge has been definitely resolved.

As reported by Twitter profile Destruction Games, it looks like with the hottest update The PlayStation 4 is perfectly capable of playing online Blu-Ray games even with low battery.. This did not happen upstream and, in fact, there are repeated cases of crashes and procedural errors. The twitter you find at the base also confirms that It is possible to reach the Trophies of each title, even if the time is not recorded due to the lack of CMOS battery, therefore the console does not power the clock for a longer period of time and cannot synchronize the time.

Even so, it is not confirmed that the phenomenon recognized on the World Wide Web as CBOMB was also solved with i game titles in electronic variants (Destruction Games is considerably pessimistic about this), and we’re also not sure if the issues have changed on PS5 as well. We’ll see if there will be many more discoveries in the future number of hours that may well remove more weight on the matter.

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