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The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has granted SDNP permission to manage and administer the Country Code Top Level Domain (CCTLD), which will help Malawians start using email and dot mw (.mw) websites on Malawi domains.

At the ceremony, which was honored by Minister of Information and Digitization, Gospel Kazako, MACRA Board Chairman, Stanley Khaila, described the clearance as a major step taken by the MACRA towards asserting one of its oversight mandates related to Internet governance – “which will result in the Government and various stakeholders having a say in the management of the domain name of first Malawi level, commonly referred to as point mw (.MW).

“The awarding of ccTLD management authorization to SDNP legitimizes its role under the Electronic Transactions and Cybersecurity Act 2016, which mandates MACRA to appoint the ccTLD manager in Malawi.

MACRA Director General Daud Suleman testified that SNDP, owned by Paulos Nyirenda, has been providing the field of digital identity for a long time and he found it necessary to formalize its operations in accordance with communication regulations.

He said majority of Malawians including companies and other leading organizations were using other countries’ identity domain and their websites were also hosted by foreign companies.

He thus encouraged patriotic Malawians to make full use of SNDP’s services by creating .MW digital domains to keep digital traffic in the country.

He said the .MW operates on a global internet domain that identifies that these communications come specifically from Malawi, hence the need for all patriots to have their own digital ID.

According to its website, SNDP is a private limited company incorporated in 2014 under company number 13920 under the Companies Act of Malawi.

The Malawi SDNP began in 1996 as a UNDP-supported program of the Government of Malawi, the main objective of which was and continues to be to assist in the development of Internet and information services with an emphasis on Sustainable development.

Minister Kazako encouraged SDNP “to market its services widely so that Malawians start using .MW emails and websites on Malawi domains.”

“Malawian businesses and organizations should also be encouraged to do the same. Let’s start being more patriotic and identifying with our country online on the World Wide Web.

Kazako assured all business entities operating in the country of the government’s continued support, saying they would ensure that the business environment “is conducive to the growth of various businesses, but also that the cost of doing business not be prohibitive”.

“As a government, we also expect that as we make the environment conducive to business growth, consumers will also benefit from quality and affordable services.”

He thus underlined his call on both SNDP and Malcel Plc “to ensure that they meet the needs of consumers in all their transactions”, adding that the essence of telecommunications operations is not only to satisfy operators “but to meet the needs of consumers by providing high – quality and affordable services”.

“The ICT industry needs more players to contribute effectively to the country,” he said, while commending MACRA for providing a platform for networking sessions for various players in the industry. industry and the public.

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