List of 20 useless websites to kill time if you are bored

The World Wide Web has had a huge impact on our lives today. Whether it’s blogging, social media or YouTube, the internet has the power to shape politics and society in ways no one could ever imagine. In the middle of all this serious stuff, there is a part of the internet that is useless and we love it for that very fact, the fun side of the internet. In this article, we will see some useless websites to kill time if you are bored.

How do you waste time when you’re bored?

There are lots of ways to waste your time when you’re bored, and no, I’m not talking about reading a book or watching a documentary, because technically you’re not wasting your time. What you can do is play good games or browse useless websites to waste your time.

List of useless websites

Here is the list of 20 useless websites you should kill your time on.

  1. The Useless Web
  2. corgiorgia
  3. Do nothing for 2 minutes
  4. Falling guy
  5. Potato
  6. corndogcorndog
  7. Click to remove
  8. make everything ok
  10. Random things to do
  11. pixel fight
  13. Toilet paper
  14. procatinator
  15. Find the invisible cow
  17. endless horse
  18. I can’t tweet this
  19. Scanwiches
  20. end of internet

Let’s start with the first.

1]The Useless Web

Let’s start with one of a kind. The Useless Web is a website that in one click redirects you to one of the best useless websites. You just have to go to and click Please, you will enter the land of uselessness. You can also click on the games placed at the bottom of the screen to play them. That’s why we said, one of a kind.


I present to you, Corgiorgy, a useless website. Well, it can be a treat for those who love Corgi, lots of them. And to top it off, you can listen to the catchy beat. They are the only thing you can do, listen and watch. So, if you want to waste your time, go to

3]Do nothing for 2 minutes

If you want to test your patience, Do Nothing for 2 Minutes is here for you. Also, it would be a great help if you want to distract yourself from work for 2 minutes by doing nothing. A slight movement of the slider stops the stopwatch. So beware! Visit

4]The Falling Guy

Climb high or descend six feet underground, that’s what you can do in Falling guy. That’s it! You move your cursor up or down to fly through the sky or descend, respectively. You can visit enjoy.


The only photo, and that of the potato, definitely counts as useless. The website explicitly shows you that a simple potato can look delicious. So, if you want to waste your time, go to Potato.


The name of the site is quite self-explanatory. Two corn dogs alongside a dip with an upbeat melody is what the corndogcorndog website brings you. No movement. No excitement. Boredom guaranteed, or maybe not that much. here is for you.

7]Click to delete

Click to Delete shows you how to delete items with a single click. Yes, unnecessary, but simple. You just have to click on things on the screen and they will be off the screen. Each time with a different style. Go to remove Click on Where at Where To delete.

8]Make sure everything is okay

If you are having a life crisis, click a button called Make Everything OK. It’s not as pointless as it initially seems. It manages to bring a smile to my face, and hopefully yours too. You are in a nice message after clicking the button. Make sure everything is fine. So, if you want to waste your time, go to


Three letters, R, G and B. Does that seem useless to you? But it’s not, at least not that much. Each word has a melody attached to it, just place the cursor over the letter. Therefore, visit to listen to some tunes.

10]Random things to do

Random things to do are a place for original ideas. You can’t create a fun to-do list yourself, get some ideas from this useless website. It’s no longer useless, just because of the lists of random stuff you get here. From the funniest things to things you shouldn’t do, from the easiest challenges to painting ideas, you get it all here. You can also chase scary dates by researching 15 Ways to Be Awkward. One way useless, and the other way useful, you can see this website both ways. Visit to discover you.

11]Pixel fights

Pixels Fighting is as useless as corndogcorndog and po-ta-to or any other website on our list. Pixels are fighting, and you can vouch for any pixel’s side. See until the end, who wins. You have chosen one or the other. Go to enter the battle arena.


If you need to turn your already sour mood worse, give 9 Es a chance. Hey with 9 Es and a white background turns into a long ho with the black background. So go to and see what we’re talking about.

13]Toilet paper

Paper toilets are expensive! To the right? And wasting them is silly. Well, you can be as dumb as you want at Paipertoilet. Not literally IN the paper toilet, in this useless website. You can waste toilet paper and then reverse it. So, if you want to waste your time, go to Have fun.


Regardless of what the internet says, cats procrastinate. This website thinks the same way and offers perfectly fitting cat gifts. Also, what is the best way to procrastinate? Looking at cats. Go to and procrastinate.

15]Find the invisible cow

Who likes to scratch the cards to see what they have? If you then find the invisible cow, it’s an updated version of it. Only in this you have to follow the moo of the cow to know where the cow is, on the screen. So, if you want to waste your time, go to


You are awesome, no doubt there, so you can see why the website is useless? You can always check the website to find out what they think of you. here is to verify.

17]Endless Horse

I have a question for you, which one is bigger. Giraffe or Horse? Your answer is giraffe then Endless Horse, here everything is ready to prove you wrong. You can verify endless horse, how much larger. And if you got the measure, recommend below.

18]I can’t tweet this

A useless website that forces you to tweet “I can’t not tweet this”. Developers have taken useless websites too seriously, seriously! The tweet icon will move with your cursor and require you to click on it. Go to and see if you end up tweeting.


Scanwiches is not the website a foodie should visit, so in a way it’s pointless. But if you want to have an explicit vision of the sandwiches, you can no longer rely on this site. The close-up of this delicious slice of cheese can definitely make your mouth water. So, if you want to waste your time, go to

20]End of the Internet

End of the list and we present to you End of the Internet. You have reached the end of the Internet. Wondering if the internet can end? And what happens afterwards? You should visit the website to fulfill your curiosity. Click on to unravel the mystery.

Hope you now have enough ingredients to make the boredom go away.

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How can I waste time online?

There’s a lot to do online to lose, you can go to Google and search for random things, scroll through a long social media feed, or check out the websites we’ve mentioned and scratch the fun side of the World Wide website.

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List of 20 Useless Websites

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