LimeStory Launches AI Storytelling Engine to North American Education Sector with Help from MCMK


LimeHistory, the world’s leading AI-powered storytelling content and engagement engine, today announced its partnership with MCMK, a B2B marketing agency that strategically focuses on agile marketing playbooks for tech startups, private equity and venture capital firms, to showcase its storytelling engine and micro storytelling workflow to institutions in North American higher education. MCMK leads strategic marketing initiatives for LimeStory in North America.

In today’s fast-paced, overly automated and digitally driven society, the human element is often lacking and companies fail to build lasting relationships with their customers by sending repeat, disengaged and unengaged leads. qualified at their CRM cemetery. LimeStory disrupts the way colleges and universities interact with their audiences by guiding the storytelling process through its micro storytelling methodology and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm. The LimeStory content and engagement engine creates two-way online dialogue using traditional storytelling techniques and advanced optimization tools. This allows marketers to structure all marketing strategy and content under one hub across all digital channels.

“LimeStory invented our micro storytelling workflow with Paul Smith, one of the world’s leading experts in business storytelling. It is proven to convert web visitors into customers. Our content and engagement engine drives content management and creates sincere and compelling marketing and lead generation campaigns, ”said Afik Bar Yoel, Founder and CEO of LimeStory. “We’re excited to bring our innovation to North America and help higher education institutions engage in more thoughtful ways with stakeholders and potential students. “

“Storytelling is the best vehicle humans have for building relationships. From a marketing standpoint, this is the most effective way to get qualified leads, ”said Melroy Coelho, Founder of MCMK and Strategic Marketing Advisor and Investor in LimeStory. “To survive, businesses must connect with their audiences by being accessible, tug at the hearts of customers and engage with them on a much deeper level than ever before. This is where LimeStory comes in and the results are truly amazing.

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About LimeStory

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, LimeStory is an AI storytelling content and engagement platform that stores marketing campaigns that touch us across all digital channels. Our micro storytelling workflow leaves a mark, speaks to customer emotions, and interacts with the decision-making part of our brain.

LimeStory’s proprietary algorithm is based on conversational marketing that generates inspiring stories. Through this digital storytelling, we are able to offer significant sales growth opportunities to our customers. Learn more at

About MCMK

MCMK is a Toronto-based marketing and consulting agency. We work with B2B tech start-ups, venture capital funds and private equity portfolio companies to scale their growth programs

MCMK provides a complete outsourced marketing service solution. Each member of our leadership team has over 15 years of experience managing world-class marketing teams at B2B technology companies around the world. With a proven methodology and framework for building brands and generating demand, tech startups can focus on what they do best: product and innovation. Learn more about


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