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Instagram is the most profitable social media platform to date. If you’re looking to start a business, grow your brand awareness, or build a personal brand, then Instagram is a platform you need to leverage. Every business needs more traffic, leads, and online followers. For this reason, many brands turn to the biggest influencers, or better yet the biggest meme pages to promote their businesses.

“Instagram is literally free money for businesses…” says Christien Bouc, founder of Bouc, a cutting-edge marketing agency that helps influencers and brands with lead generation, follower growth and public relations. Christien and his agency Bouc, also known as Bouc Media, have been serving clients for over 5 years now. Specifically, Bouc Media acts as a liaison between major brands and networks of meme pages for promotions. “The meme community has been supporting some of the biggest brands, like Fashion Nova, for years now,” says Christien. “Plus, the customer acquisition cost of meme page marketing is typically much lower than using top personal influencers, like Kim Kardashian.”

Jackson Weimer: How did you start your activity on social networks?

Christine Buck: I started my marketing agency in 2017 after purchasing the social media marketing agency course from Tai Lopez. At the time, I was helping clients with social media management, which primarily included creating content, scheduling posts, and setting up retargeting ads. Meanwhile, my clients were asking about Instagram-related services and if there was anything I could sell to them to help get more followers, traffic, and leads. I started researching everything I could on Instagram growth and started developing my first Instagram theme page soon after. Growing that account to 10,000 followers relatively quickly, I launched another themed page called @christienvirals and grew it to over 100,000 followers in 88 days by leveraging viral content and paying big influencers from my niche to like and comment on my posts. This would put my content on the explore page for followers of influencers who engaged with my post. I even met my current girlfriend while growing this account when she saw one of my viral posts on her explore page, clicked on my profile and DMed me saying I was cute. For me, going viral on this Instagram account was really the start of my social media activity, as I started acquiring a customer pipeline online instead of cold calling/scheduling in-person meetings in my region.

Weimar: How did you become a matchmaker for brands and meme pages?

Goat : The first step for me was to create an Instagram theme page and grow it to reach a substantial number of followers. I also did my best to network with pages bigger than mine, but most importantly, I continued to create new pages and grow them. At the peak of my network, I had about 1.1 million followers across 14 pages and learned all about the algorithm, how to identify trending content, and how to read data in Instagram analytics to capitalize on what works best on a specific site. page.

I also learned how to create and test high converting shoutouts also known as “sets” which we would use for S4S or shoutout for shoutout. This eventually led me to meet a friend online who at the time owned @thecountrystyles, a country page with over a million followers, and he invited me to a Telegram group full of page owners of memes. From there, I connected with several people who operated shoutnets like the owner of a Fortnite shoutnet and even the owner of a shoutnet for over 500,000 meme pages. This is how I managed to become a connector between meme pages and businesses. It all started when I learned how to develop theme pages that served as “in” and earned the respect of other meme page owners who invited me into their circle.

Weimar: How has the growth of topic pages helped you grow personal brands and businesses?

Goat : In my opinion, growing theme pages or repost pages is the best way to learn more about the algorithm and organic growth. You can get a lot of knowledge about the Instagram algorithm and Instagram growth by posting three to five times a day to an account for a year. But creating content with this kind of volume is quite difficult and impossible for most creators.

That’s why topic pages are the best way to learn about hashtags, viral content, and dissect what’s working on the platform organically. I have been able to apply these same strategies to personal brands and businesses, combined with paid promotional strategies such as shoutouts, paid advertising, etc., to really explode personal brands and businesses.

Weimar: What makes your agency’s services unique compared to your competitors?

Goat : The main difference between Bouc and other agencies is our comprehensive experience helping clients generate targeted leads and targeted followers on their social media accounts. While we help clients quickly build social proof through celebrity giveaway campaigns, I also make it a priority to speak with every client our agency works with and listen to each client’s goals, so I can recommend the best strategy to make it happen.

If their goal is to have engaging subscribers, we recommend services to get them instead of the most profitable services. I want to be candid with my clients and tell them the hard facts about social growth. I am not afraid to give up on the sale if the client’s objectives do not correspond to reality. I prefer to under-promise, over-deliver and create clear expectations. Because of this, I have earned the respect and trust of my clients and many top marketing agencies who come to me not only for advice, but also to white label and resell our services.

Weimar: What about personal brands and businesses not yet on Instagram?

Goat : Instagram is the new calling card and has over a billion monthly active users. Your customers are already on Instagram and consume it daily. It’s what potential buyers will see before buying your products and services online. Whether you like the app or not, you’re leaving money on the table if you refuse to develop a content strategy to organically reach more people. Pairing this with a paid traffic strategy is also more important than ever for generating consistent leads, whether the algorithm promotes you organically or not. Why wouldn’t you position yourself on the platform to convert as many sales as possible?

This conversation has been edited and shortened for clarity.

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