Laeeb Inu Introduces Gateway to Web3 Football Experience


The hearts of football fanatics are racing as the 2022 soccer world cup is approaching. Every fan dreams of participating in the world cup related activities. Laeeb Inu is a sublime platform that allows every individual to savor every aspect of the world cup, no matter where they come from. The platform opens a gateway for users to get the most out of their Web 3.0 soccer world cup experience.

An introduction to LAEEB INU

Laeeb Inu is inspired by Laeeb, the mascot of the soccer world cup 2022. With this platform, individuals can participate in the intense action of the world cup. Laeeb Inu aims to provide a fantasy league football web 3.0 experience to its users. The project has already grabbed attention with the major utilities it has to offer, including soccer world cup fantasy league, soccer world cup ultimate team NFT and betting platform exhilarating for its users.

Fantasy League Soccer World Cup

Laeeb Inu offers people a unique opportunity to participate in its fantasy league and win mega prizes. Through the use of Laeeb tokens, individuals can enter the fantasy league where they can form a team with players they deem suitable. Each team can have a maximum of 14 athletes. The performance of these players in real matches will be used as a measure of the points each player will earn in the Fantasy League.

After each real match, the fantasy league analogue player will get points which will be added to the team of each participant who included that specific player in their team. The better an athlete performs in real matches, the more points the participant’s team gets in the Laeeb Inu fantasy league. So, it all boils down to selecting players wisely based on their expertise. Users with the most points have a high chance of winning the grand prize.

NFT Ultimate Team

The NFT Ultimate Team Soccer World Cup is specifically for all Web 3.0 soccer fans. Users can get their hands on a Laeeb Inu player pack consisting of 7 footballer followers. Each Ultimate Team cannot have more than 14 participants. Each player’s actual stats are used to award points to their corresponding players in the league. Points are updated daily and can be viewed on the live leaderboard accessible to everyone.

An attractive betting platform

Laeeb Inu also caters to punters via the Laeeb Inu Wagering dApp. Users can bet using Laeeb Inu token or any other crypto of their choice. Not only that, but the project also offers a distinctive feature through which they can win bets with the house. This means that every bet won by the project will also win for the individual. Laeeb Inu improves transparency and integrity through the use of a decentralized betting application. There is no need for a KYC so bettors can enter and exit without any hindrance.


With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, Laeeb Inu has a promising future. The Tokenomics is planned in such a way as to make the token autonomous. The project imposes a 5% tax on each buy/sell transaction, which is then divided as follows:

  • 3% for marketing
  • 1% for development
  • 1% to maintain liquidity

Roadmap and an exemplary mission

Laeeb Inu divides his roadmap into 3 distinct phases. Phase 1 includes activities such as brand and team building, stealth launch, organic and paid marketing, and utility development. Phase 2 includes Betting Website Release Plans, Fantasy Draft Platform Launch, Ultimate Team NFT Player Packs Release, and KYC Audit. Phase 3 starts by making NFT player cards tradable. Next are CEX listings and partnerships with athletes and influencers.

Laeeb Inu launched his token without any pre-sales or private sales and therefore is mainly focused on marketing to reach new heights. Laeeb Inu aspires to provide an incomparable betting experience to its users.

You can find more details about the project on the official site and social media platforms.

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Laeeb Inu

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