IT News Online – OPPO Releases Find X5 Series – Revolutionizing Videography with 4K Ultra Night Video Powered by MariSilicon X Imaging NPU

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The most advanced camera system powered by MariSilicon X and two flagship IMX766 sensors; true 120Hz display with billions of colors; a flagship SoC platform with superior 5G performance; Industry leading 80W SUPERVOOC flash charge; iconic Hasselblad natural color grading.

SHENZHEN, CHINA – Media OutReach – February 24, 2022 – OPPO today introduced its cutting-edge flagship Find X5 series, raising the bar for premium smartphone imaging and design.

Brimming with industry-leading highlights, the Find X5 series features a futuristic aesthetic that delivers clean, modern sophistication and imaging experiences the world has never seen before. These include a dedicated imaging neural processing unit, which overcomes the biggest challenge of smartphone video capture – nighttime recording. This is paired with an unrivaled dual-flagship IMX766 camera system, unparalleled performance and super-fast 5G connectivity, and incredible SUPERVOOC flash charging technology.

“The Find X5 series elevates the Find X series to a whole new level of beauty – both aesthetically and in terms of capabilities, redefining the boundaries of the mobile experience through design, imaging, battery technology and performance. It builds on the core DNA that made the Find X3 series a hit with consumers and critics alike,” said William Liu, President of Global Marketing at OPPO.

4K Ultra Night video and captivating photography

Night video is a major challenge for smartphones, so countless beautiful moments remain uncaptured or recorded in low quality. That’s why OPPO designed a dedicated imaging NPU, MariSilicon X, to unveil details at night.

Based on a 6nm process designed for class-leading imaging performance, the MariSilicon X not only offers the most powerful AI computing power available today, but it also runs an advanced noise reduction algorithm of AI (AINR) designed by OPPO Research Institute. This means it can detect and reduce noise in every frame, pixel by pixel, while preserving the finest details, skin tone and color accuracy.

The result is a four-fold improvement in perceived nighttime video resolution, less graininess and superior color reproduction, making 4K Ultra Night video possible for the first time on an Android smartphone, with every frame as clean as a still photo. .

Of course, OPPO’s MariSilicon X is just one key part of Find X5 Pro’s advanced imaging system. The wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras are both equipped with Sony’s advanced 50MP IMX766 flagship sensors, with a sensor size of 1/1.56″, 2um large pixel size after binning.

The wide-angle camera also features a first-of-its-kind five-axis OIS system which, combined with proprietary algorithms, improves with each use to counteract hand shake, reduce noise and make scenes look more sharp. The result? Even better photos and steadier videos than ever before.

With superior 4K Ultra Night video capture on wide and ultra-wide cameras, the Find X5 series delivers the industry’s best wide and ultra-wide image quality for photos and video.

Working closely with Sony to customize an IMX709 sensor for the Find X5 Pro’s front camera, OPPO has integrated MariSilicon X to ensure that selfies look better than ever, with more texture and more accurate color reproduction, even in difficult lighting conditions. And when more friends jump into the frame, the selfie camera automatically switches from a wide angle of 80 to 90 degrees, ensuring no one is left behind.

OPPO Find X5 Pro also features Hasselblad Natural Color Grading in Pro mode and a range of Creative Master Filters, bringing iconic natural color, professional color profile and style to mobile photography.

Futuristic design with a premium look and feel

Find X5 Pro embodies futuristic design to express a sense of calm and timeless beauty that cannot be matched.

The ultra-hard real ceramic back of the Find X5 Pro is available in white ceramic and black glaze to reflect its clean, modern sophistication at its best. This seamless ceramic back panel is twice as strong as any conventional glass panel and twice as effective at heat dissipation. And of course the Find X5 Pro is splash, water and dust resistant with an IP68 rating.

The Find X5 Pro’s display is equally impressive, with an ultra-clear 6.7-inch curved AMOLED display that continues the smooth curves and flowing lines of the sleek, pristine back, all the way around to the front. With WQHD+ resolution and 100% P3 color gamut coverage, Find X5 Pro’s 10-bit display displays over a billion colors, creating smooth tonal and color gradations, displaying full depth and the range of even the most subtle color changes.

Find X5 Pro also improves display performance with first-of-its-kind multi-brightness color calibration, creating consistent colors whether you’re viewing the screen in dim artificial light or under bright summer skies.

Excessive amounts of specific types of light can impact sleep and lead to eye strain. OPPO has therefore introduced 8192-level screen dimming on the Find X5 Pro, to match pupil adjustment speeds in different lighting conditions. The result is a more comfortable viewing experience and among the most advanced eye care available on a smartphone.

The most powerful OPPO flagship to date

Powered by the latest generation Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 multi-core processor, Find X5 Pro is supercharged to handle even the most demanding games and apps. Based on a compact 4nm manufacturing process, Qualcomm’s 2022 flagship integrated GPU delivers 30% better performance and 25% better power efficiency than the previous generation, in addition to enhanced AI capabilities.

Despite its peak power, OPPO has worked hard to increase battery life on the Find X5 Pro and improve power management. The large 5000mAh dual-cell battery reflects an increase in capacity of over 11% over the Find X3 Pro.

Find X5 Pro also introduces Battery Health Engine, which helps maintain optimal battery life over a longer period of time – up to 1600 charge cycles, approximately twice the industry standard life.

With support for enhanced SUPERVOOC 80W Flash Charging technology, Find X5 Pro can be charged from nearly empty to 50% in just 12 minutes, and with 50W AIRVOOC it powers up to 100% wirelessly in just 47 minutes.

ColorOS 12.1: smart and secure

OPPO’s human-centric interface, ColorOS 12.1 is its most beautiful, intuitive and personal experience ever. Paired with Google’s Android 12 operating system, it delivers incredible experiences and industry-leading privacy features, while maintaining full access to the Google Play Store and its more than 3 million apps.

For ColorOS 12.1, time was spent refining the aesthetic, from iconography to patterns, enhanced with light and shadow to create a more real three-dimensional feel. Maintaining the privacy and security of your data, whether personal or professional, is also a top priority and a key goal for ColorOS.

With version 12.1, users can easily get the most out of their new Find X5 Pro. And when multitasking on your phone alone isn’t enough to get things done, a new Multi-Screen Connect feature enables seamless working on Windows PC and Phone.

Maintaining the privacy and security of your data – whether personal or professional – has always been a top priority and a key goal for ColorOS. These efforts have been recognized by third-party organizations including ISO, ePrivacy, and TrustArc, and in November 2021, the Find X3 Pro was the first Chinese smartphone to receive MDfPP Common Criteria certification.

Price and availability

The OPPO Find X5 Pro will be available from March 14 at a price of 1299€.
The OPPO Find X5 will be available from March 14 at a price of €999.
OPPO Enco X2 will be available from mid-April at 199€.
OPPO Find X5 series pre-orders start from February 24.

* Prices and availability may vary in different markets.

About OPPO

OPPO is one of the world’s leading smart device brands. Since launching its first Smiley Face mobile phone in 2008, OPPO has relentlessly pursued the perfect synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology. Today, OPPO offers a wide range of smart devices, including the spearheads of the Find X and Reno series. Beyond devices, OPPO provides its users with ColorOS and Internet services, including OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. OPPO has footprints in over 50 countries and regions with more than 40,000 employees dedicated to creating a better life for customers around the world.


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