Is the internet really the free internet or have governments let down the digital information world


The World Wide Web may not be global at all, as there have been major cases of censorship in recent years that have called on governments to act to get users to crack down on it. This begs the question that governments find it very difficult to keep track of all legal and illegal activity on the internet, which presents significant manpower and cybersecurity needs for users.

The problems of lack of freedom have been passed by users and have indicated an all time high for the past 11 years. This came from a report initiated by the Liberty house named as the Internet freedom released during the year 2021. The report shows that government intervention and user freedom have shrunk this year by a larger margin than ever. Of the 70 countries that participated in the survey, around 69% of the countries were heavily involved in legal and administrative actions by compromising users’ freedom and rights and their privacy by exercising over them.

However, many of these actions were heavily involved in illegal practices and the suppression of negligence on behalf of all involved. Freedom House President Michael J. Abramowitz explained that the rights and regulations granted by the Free Internet, Free Speech, and Security of Privacy Chapters and Chapters are often and frequently violated because of the actions and silences of the countries.

He went on to say that these countries have sometimes used technological prowess for all the wrong reasons. While the correct answer reflects heavily arming their own country and moving in the right direction, countries have often started cracking down on other countries and trying to find ways to criminalize what is often innocent. .

At the top of the list was China and this was something that was expected as it has been going on for 7 years. However, there is some hope as the report pointed out that the efforts of the Biden administration could significantly change this downfall and this is something that will be carefully highlighted in the next version of the report. Take a look at the graphics below for more information:

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