Is the Google search engine a form of AI?

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What is machine learning and how does it relate to AI? – Ganapati Goel, Mumbai

AI has a part called machine learning. The idea is that machines will “learn” and get better at tasks over time, so people won’t have to keep putting parameters on them. So AI is in the real world thanks to machine learning.

What is Tensorflow? What does it do? -Joseph Vijay, Mangalore

TensorFlow is an open-source software library created by the Google Brain team in the field of machine learning and neural network research. Some AI features, such as natural language processing and speech recognition, are much easier to add to applications with TensorFlow.

In AI, why do we use an inference engine? -Gabriel Henry, Kottayam

The AI ​​inference engine extracts useful information from its knowledge base by following logical rules. Most of the time, this works in two different ways:

Rear chaining

It starts with the end goal, then backtracks to find the evidence that points in that direction.

Front chaining

It starts with known facts and then makes assertions about new facts.

Is the Google search engine a form of artificial intelligence? – Suffiyan, Hyderabad

Since 2015, Google has been using RankBrain, a machine learning algorithm. This is how it makes it easier to process search results and provide more relevant answers to users.

Google uses AI every time a user enters a search query, and the technology is constantly learning and improving. RankBrain has changed the way the search engine works. Google has known for some time that artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of its search platform because RankBrain can handle search queries better than traditional algorithmic rules hand-coded by human engineers. AI will make suggestions based on our search history and other information it collects about us.

What are neural networks and how are they related to artificial intelligence? – Vaishnavi Bhattacharya, Kolkata

Neural networks are a type of algorithm for machine learning. To think about how to calculate, think about the “neuron” part of the word “neutral”. The “network” part describes how the neurons relate to each other. As information moves through a neural network, it becomes more critical. Also, because the networks are linked, they can quickly process more complex data.

Why is the Turing test important in AI? Parvathy, Secunderabad

Researchers use the Turing test to determine if a machine can have human-like intelligence. A machine is “intelligent” when it outperforms humans on an intelligence test. Even if a machine cannot accurately mimic human behavior, it can still be considered intelligent.

Moreover, it is a tool for asking specific questions to test the intelligence of a machine. This test examines whether a computer can simulate human thought. An AI, a human and an investigator all take part in the Turing test.

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