Introducing Lettey, a new app that harnesses the power of social media to help renters find and rent an apartment in New York City

Lettey, a new mobile residential rental marketplace for tenants, brokers and landlords that, for the first time ever, leverages the power of social media and peer-to-peer feedback to help users find an apartment to rent or to sublet, is delighted to announce that its innovative app is now available for download for iOS and Android.

Jessica Rosner and Nick Szuch, co-founders of Lettey

Lettey simplifies the rental process by applying social proof to the decision-making process, enabling users to make better decisions based on direct feedback from friends and family while optimizing their search. After connecting their Facebook and/or contacts to the platform, users can see which neighborhoods their connections live in via an intuitive and filterable map; search thousands of listings across New York; review the evaluations of their peers; then choose an apartment based on their preferences. Lettey is the first platform to apply social proof and peer-to-peer feedback as tools in the housing search process.“

Lettey offers a new approach to renting an apartment that simply did not exist before in the rental space. By tapping into neighborhood feedback provided directly by your personal connections, Lettey helps people find the places they love with feedback from the people they trust the most,” said Nick Szuch, co-founder and co -CEO of Lettey.

The app debuts in the New York market with a wide range of listings available for finding owners and brokerages large and small, including world-class brokerages. Douglas Elliman Estate, Nest Seekers, Compass and more. The platform accepts brokerage data feeds that refresh hourly, ensuring tenants have the most up-to-date inventory. Likewise, text-based communication shortens the response time between advertisers and prospects.

Lettey is free to list and browsemaking it attractive for landlords and their agents, as well as people looking to sublet their apartments, to market their listings.

“People want to know where their friends live, how accessible and diverse a neighborhood is, and what value they’ll get for their money. Lettey is designed to take the stress out of finding your next apartment and make it fun – and take people away from the typical Craigslist experience, which lacks social proof and can be quite disenfranchising,” said Jessica Rosner , co-founder and co-CEO. by Letley. “Peer-to-peer feedback is especially helpful if you’re moving to town or don’t know the differences in a particular neighborhood.”

Lettey’s Client Discovery found that 84% of renters are “likely” or “very likely” to rent an apartment in the same neighborhood where members of their networks live. Respondents also overwhelmingly felt that the most difficult aspect of renting or subletting in New York is choosing the right neighborhood; Lettey’s platform solves both challenges.

Why use Letley? Lettey streamlines the leasing and subletting process, offering convenient integrated services such as background check by TransUnion which can be sent directly to an owner or broker and complete Lemonade rental insurance. The app features convenient text messaging that allows users to communicate directly with brokers and owners to ask questions or schedule a visit.

Our goal is to both humanize and modernize the apartment rental process,” Rosner added. “The entire process can be done from your phone, from purchasing tenant insurance, to securely sending your financial information, to connecting directly with the landlord or broker via chat by SMS to arrange a visit.”

Intuitive, filterable from Lettey map offers users a humanized approach to finding a home by focusing on influencers and peer-to-peer reviews, offering ratings on each neighborhood Accessibility, Diversity, Fun and Value. For those who need help, Lettey offers responsive customer service and technical support to help get users back on track.

“Lettey is giving apartment hunting a whole new look by providing users with genuine feedback directly from friends and family on a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use platform,” said said Hal Gavzie, executive director of leasing at Douglas Elliman Real Estate. “We are excited to sign up with Lettey from the outset and believe our agents will benefit significantly from presenting their ads in this way to a new generation of tech-savvy customers.”

Lettey was founded in 2021 by Columbia Business School classmates Jessica Rosner and Nick Szuch who were inspired to create a modern solution to renting an apartment after sharing their experiences of finding an apartment online. Going forward, the angel investor-backed platform plans to expand its offerings to other major metropolitan areas across the United States.

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