Internet bullies Gordon Ramsay over his restaurant’s burgers

When the good people of the internet saw how controversial cook Ramsay built a basic burger, they quickly became enraged. Although the burger Ramsay was making was a basic setup, using toppings like cheese, pickles, lettuce, onion and tomato, people quickly found fault with the way he made it. .

“TOPPINGS go over the burger, they’re not BOTTOMINGS,” said one Twitter attacker. Another was baffled by what Ramsay used to decorate his meat patty. “I always find it weird when people put tomato and ketchup on a burger. Choose one form of tomato per burger, y’all,” the tomato purist said.

On instagram, the same burger building video had a few people chastising the chef for his presentation. “A Big Mac from McDonald’s is prettier than that,” said an unimpressed burger lover. Some people have attacked the chef for supporting the meat industry, that the University of Michigan claims is a major contributor of greenhouse gases. “That veal could have easily been replaced with a big, delicious Portobello mushroom covered in that same melted cheese,” said one vegetarian food proponent.

There were a few Ramsay supporters who offered enthusiastic comments such as “Yummy perfection”. However, the general consensus was that the burger was not his best dish.

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