Inside Look at Appling Amazon Fulfillment Center during Busiest Time of Year

APPLING, Ga. (WRDW / WAGT) – It has been two months since the inauguration of the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Appling. Now that the busiest online shopping season is in full swing, we’re checking in.

Amazon is in its peak season. The Amazon Fulfillment Center hosts millions of packages before they end up at your doorstep.

“There are a lot of great deals on Amazon, so it’s got a lot of people,” said Edgar Osorio, Process Assistant.

For Amazon employees like Edgar, this week and the weeks to come are in full swing.

“I think part of it is because I order a lot from Amazon. So I get paid by Amazon and they get it back, ”Osorio said.

It’s not just Edgar who’s in charge. The distribution center currently ships hundreds of thousands of packages per day.

“For us here at Appling it’s a very busy season as we are starting to operate a building for the first time. And so what’s different about us compared to some of the other buildings is that it will continue to grow in volume, ”said Neil Gwynne, CEO of Amazon.

The center is not yet fully open – they are opening in phases.

So in the final phase around February – “We’ll be doing close to half a million packages every day,” Gwynne said.

Before being packed, your orders travel in yellow bins to various stations in the establishment. Orders pour in with more than 15 kilometers of conveyor belts, hundreds of employees and more than 4,000 robots.

“As we receive orders, we are able to pick up those orders exactly the same day our customers order them, allowing us to ship to our mid-level building on the road for our customers the next day. “, he mentioned.

From the middle building, the packages are placed on trucks and sent to you.

Supply shortages are not a problem either.

“We start each year on January 1 to prepare for the next peak season. We invest tons of time and energy to make sure that we are not affected by any shortage of supply, ”said Gwynne.

Amazon will ship packages until Christmas Eve. The more popular the item, the more likely they are to have it in stock and the faster you will get it. They have an algorithm that tells them the most popular items in the area. All other items must be sent to the facility from other locations.

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