How to Get and Use the Swipe Up Feature on Instagram

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Users can swipe up in an Instagram story to go straight to your website or store. It sounds good? Here’s how to do it for your business.

When the first iPhone arrived, it revolutionized the human-machine interface. Not only by touch, but also by shaking. For some of the early successful apps, you were prompted to shake your iPhone to activate them, like finding a nearby restaurant. Today, this same function allows you to cancel an action.

Try it if you have an iPhone. Some people have even tested the limits, like the people who tried to put an iPhone in a paint shaker. After all, we are explorers in this world of technology, aren’t we?

Smartphone technology has a strong influence on social media trends and user behavior. Smartphone operating systems often make use of new technical features such as shake and touch, and apps have also embraced touchscreens for functionality.

One of the most powerful examples is the swipe left and right feature of the dating app Tinder to sort out the people you like or dislike at first glance – a convenient and easy to organize your love life, worthy of the digital society in which we live. in.

Tinder has become synonymous with swipes left and right. Will Instagram be able to achieve something similar with an upward swipe?

Overview: What is Instagram’s swipe up feature?

Social networks are often criticized for being closed circuits that prevent you from bringing visitors to your site or store while they monetize the time users spend on their platforms.

Previously, you could only use the profile link to drive traffic to your website on Instagram, that is until the swipe up feature came along. You can now create a destination for individual stories and use the swipe up feature for events, promotions or news.

You can now link your holiday social media posts directly to a landing link to your site, and if you’re offering 30% off a promotional product, you can link directly to the product page in your store by line in today’s story.

Screenshots of the four-step swipe process from the intro video

The short video on this Instagram help page demonstrates the swipe up feature on a brand page. Image source: author

The swipe up destination can be an external web page, but it can also be your Instagram store. As such, the swipe up feature is an extra chord on your bow for social trading. You can choose Show Store, Show Product, or Show Collection.

What are the requirements to get the Instagram swipe up feature?

The swipe up web link feature only appears in verified accounts or accounts with at least 10,000 followers and an Instagram business profile.

If you don’t meet these criteria, you can use a workaround: you still have access to the swipe up feature, but only if you log in to Instagram TV (IGTV). To do this, set up a 15 second video where you tell users to click on a link in the title of the video, where you will have inserted the link to your external page.

It’s not the same user experience and requires more work on your part, but you can use it while you grow your audience to reach the required 10,000 subscribers. Alternatively, you can pray to the social media gods and ask them to drop follow-up requirements. It could happen.

How to Use Instagram’s Swipe Up Feature in Your Stories

It’s quite simple to use Instagram’s swipe up feature, but many people don’t have access to it and are curious to know how it works.

If you are a well-known brand or celebrity, you can apply to become a verified account on Instagram. But if you don’t have a verified account, here are the steps to use the feature.

1. Get an Instagram business account

First, make sure you have an Instagram business profile. It’s easy, free, and quick, so you might as well set it up right away if Instagram is an important part of your social media marketing plan.

2. Reach 10,000 subscribers

It will be much more difficult to reach the threshold of subscribers. Post quality and engaging content, and post frequently and regularly while generating engagement with your audience as part of your social media strategy to achieve this goal over time.

3. Create a story

Once you are eligible, the rest of the process is simple. However, with so many Instagram stories online, you’ll need to use some of your best social media content to stand out. When you configure the story itself, the link button will appear at the top of the screen.

4. Indicate the destination URL

The swipe up feature of your Instagram story will be activated when you insert a web link after clicking this button. It’s basically a URL that you add to the Instagram story features.

5. Use calls to action

For users to adopt the swipe up behavior, you need to let them know it’s enabled in your story. A good way to do this is to add calls to action in the form of words, calls or symbols.

Two up-pointing arrows seem like a commonly accepted symbol for triggering an upswipe, but three stacked arrows are also starting to make their way.

A great way to find inspiration for symbols and emojis is a Google image search like this for “swipe up”. Image source: author

3 tips to increase the number of clicks on your articles towards your promotions

Now that we’ve seen how to enable swipe up, let’s look at three important things you need to master to get the most out of the feature.

1. Recidivism

Since swiping up isn’t enabled in every story a user sees, a good way to get your audience used to it is to use the feature on a recurring basis: use it every time you post a certain story type, so users know what to expect.

Also, make consistent use of imagery and language in the process. Social media management tools can be useful when planning ahead and when running recurring posts.

2. Engagement

To increase your social media engagement in stories, create effective calls to action: short, clear, visual and impactful. In a good engagement strategy, use both text, images, and tags. Monitor your click-through rate to find out what works best, then iterate and tweak it for future stories.

3. Make the click worth it

Finally, you need to make sure that the flow of the story, the call to action, the swipe up, and the content of the landing page all come together cohesively. Test the user experience and ensure that the experience of clicking on your page is rewarding.

Swipe up is a whole new way to engage and drive traffic

You can generate brand awareness by posting great content on Instagram, but it can be difficult to measure impact elsewhere because Instagram’s only direct link to your site is hidden on the bio page. But the swipe up feature now lets you associate temporary destinations with specific stories.

Swipe up from a promotional story to go directly to your online store’s specific product page. The feature is easy to implement but is reserved for verified accounts and business profiles with many followers.

As for the rest of us, fingers crossed that the feature will be available for accounts with smaller follower counts in the future.

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