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In the world there is a truly incredible amount of pounds , many of which can also be found in the Internet so as not to lose them and pass them on to future generations. However, if we want to do the opposite and choose to print all the information on the web so as not to lose it, How much paper would it take to print the entire Internet?

How much paper would it take to print the entire Internet?

Although for many, the Internet It’s still a tool that somehow pushes us to separate ourselves more and more from the real world, the truth is that thanks to the World Wide Web we can interact with people it’s miles away, work, get information or even devote yourself to moments of leisure.

Between web pages, social networks or platforms, the Internet has developed to currently store billions of web pages, something that has been moved or converted to paper could result in an incredibly high count. Corn, How much paper are we saving? Do youHow much paper would the internet take up if it were printed in a massive book?

This is how the calculation was done

This question was at the center of a study published in 2015 in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Subjects. According to George Harwood and Evangeline Walker, students at the University of Leicester in UK, yeah each web page could be printed on 15-30 pages of paper, the whole internet world could be content between 68.1 and 136 billion A4 pages.

How did the two students do this calculation? Simply calculated the number of indexed pages on the web (there were around 4.54 billion pages in 2015) and used this site .

From this calculation How many trees would it take to print all the information estimated found on the World Wide Web. Assuming each web page fits on 15 sheets of paper and each tree is capable of making 17 reams of paper, around 8 million trees would be needed (a very small amount compared to the number of trees in the Amazon rainforest for example).

Anyway, certainly a very rough answer, but in case you were wondering, this is the answer to your question even though it is also true that many websites that appear indexed on the internet are no longer operational what is taken into account, would almost halve the number of pages that can be printed and then also the waste of paper which would remain in a little over 50 billion pages, a figure which nevertheless continues to be high.

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