How Gupshup Helps Brands Transform Consumer Engagement Through Smart Conversations

In the third year of a global pandemic, the way consumers interact with brands has changed dramatically. Today’s consumers want brands to be accessible anytime, anywhere. Given the amount of time people spend on their smartphones, especially on popular social networks, it has become essential for brands to design intuitive customer experience journeys on these platforms, making brand-consumer engagement truly personalized.

Gupshup, the world’s leading conversational engagement platform, helps over 45,000 businesses drive richer, more engaging customer interactions around the world. The company’s strong commercial growth is based on significant investments in product and engineering capabilities. Gupshup’s mission is to create the most advanced conversational engagement platform to make business-consumer engagement as easy as texting friends or family. And the company’s acquisition strategy aligns with this larger product vision.

With five acquisitions in less than eleven months, the San Francisco-based unicorn has increased its product range as well as its vertical depth to simplify, automate and personalize business-consumer engagement. It acquired Dotgo (leader in RCS), Knowlarity (leader in voice communications), Active.Ai (first conversational AI platform used by BFSI companies), AskSid (first conversational AI platform used by distribution companies/ e-commerce/CPG), and OneDirect (the leading omnichannel, AI-enabled customer service platform of choice for major brands in India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East). During this process, Gupshup has become the only comprehensive conversational engagement platform for businesses across all industries.

Helping businesses accelerate their growth

Gupshup provides conversational messaging solutions for every industry. For example, in the BFSI industry, Gupshup provides one-click bill payment, KYC authentication, and secure messaging. Thus, allowing customers to easily make bill payments, EMIs, and other purchases right from the chat screen. It also includes simplifying KYC with guided flows and online document collection, while reducing effort and dropouts with video KYC anytime.

Retail is another priority vertical for Gupshup. So, by leveraging the power of conversational messaging, Gupshup enhances the digital retail experience as interactively and reliably as the physical one. From enabling product discovery and personalized offers to enabling online-to-offline commerce, services also include automated discovery-to-purchase shopping journeys with 24-hour customer support. /24/7 and live agent transfer.

Gupshup’s solution made NoBroker one of the first real estate companies to offer WhatsApp as a communication tool. NoBroker noticed that many of their clients were having issues uploading photos of properties they wanted to list on the website or app. So the team would then contact their customers via text or email, but noticed that the email open rate was less than 3% and the text message had a low click-through rate of 4-5%. The company also spent a lot of time on support calls with owners to collect and upload photos to the website and app on their end.

Gupshup developed a WhatsApp chatbot that helped owners interact with NoBroker and respond with images on the chat window itself. Once the real estate platform’s deep learning algorithm approves the photos, they are then automatically uploaded to the online property listing. Additionally, the total time taken to upload photos to the property listing was reduced from three days to six minutes, resulting in a 20x annualized return on investment and a 2.8x increase in rentals/sales. of properties.

Gupshup helped education platform provider Doubtnut bring a WhatsApp chatbot live and increased tutor-student engagement rate by 260%, ensuring a streamlined experience with a 95% user satisfaction rate. Students looking for advice on STEM-related questions can upload photos of their questions to the Doubtnut website or mobile app. Sophisticated optical character recognition matched the students’ query to pre-stored content in the Doubtnut database while displaying the most appropriate. Thus, students could send their questions via WhatsApp and receive links to five solution videos, with options in 11 different languages, in 10 seconds.

Gupshup went unicorn in April last year with a valuation of $1.4 billion and raised $340 million from Tiger Global, Fidelity Management and Research, and other high-profile global investors. By enabling businesses of all kinds and sizes to engage with customers in meaningful and personalized ways through conversational apps, Gupshup would continue to deliver rich interactive messaging experiences while sending positive messages in business communication. .

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