Herald: The country’s top drug traffickers have shifted their base to Goa and are using the dark web to digitally trade bulk drugs: Police Commissioner, Hyderabad

Sep 03, 2022 | 07:41 IST

The country’s major drug traffickers have moved to Goa and are using the dark web to trade bulk drugs digitally: Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad

Some Goa-based drug lords have over 450 direct clients in Hyderabad, reachable through messaging groups

Team Herald

Panjim: In stunning comments on Thursday, Hyderabad Police Commissioner told local press that after some drug lobby kingpins in Hyderabad were arrested, they were running against a wall, carrying out more arrests due to non-cooperation of Goa Police.

Speaking to the Herald by telephone from Hyderabad on Friday, Police Commissioner CV Anand made startling revelations about how the biggest players in India’s drug trade have moved to Goa due to the amount of drugs that is located in Goa and the bulk of the trade which is controlled from Goa and supplied to other parts of the country including Telangana.

Commissioner Anand, has shockingly stated for the first time that the Dark Web is being used for drug deals by Goa-based narco kingpins. It is a whole online underground network where illegal activities occur.

The “dark web” is a part of the World Wide Web that requires special software to access. Trading takes place on crypto markets which are marketplaces on the dark web that use cryptocurrency and connect buyers and sellers for the sale of illicit goods and services, primarily weapons and drugs.

“Some of the biggest drug traffickers and dealers in India have moved to Goa because of the amount of drugs there,” Commissioner Anand said.

“We arrested about six of them in Hyderabad after careful planning and execution (while traveling to Hyderabad to affect supplies),” he added.

He revealed that a Narendra Arya moved from Haryana to Goa and transferred his business there. Arya is in the custody of Commissioner Anand’s team along with other alleged Goa-based drug kingpins, Hafeez Ramlan, Navneet Anup, Pritesh Narayan Borkar and a Nigerian named Nicholas.

The reason Hyderabad Police have upped the ante is that many Goa stalwarts operate in Hyderabad. “Our chief minister (K ​​Chandrashekar Rao) has ordered us not to find a gram of illicit drugs in the state,” Anand said.

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