Hack The Box launches its annual University CTF to inspire the next generation of security professionals to fight cybercriminals

As the cyber skills gap widens to new levels, cybersecurity training and development platform, Hack The Box (HTB), announced its Annual Capture the Flag (CTF) Global University Competition which will take place from 2sd- 4e December 2022.

This year’s event, which is open to students and scholars from institutions of higher education around the world, is designed to inspire and prepare a new generation of security professionals to join the fight against cybercrime, at a time where they are most needed with the global talent shortage. at 3.4 million.1

With attacks increasing by 28% in the last quarter of 2022 alone2and cybercrime is expected to cost the global economy $10.5 trillion3 by 2025, participating students will learn only the latest practical hacking skills needed to combat the ever-growing and evolving volume of sophisticated threats. Higher education professionals will also be introduced to new, innovative and effective methods of fun and practical teaching.

HTB’s University CTF will see students from around the world take on over 20 sophisticated cyber challenges, testing their skills in Cloud, Crypto, Pwn, Web, Forensics and more. This year’s challenges replicate the latest attack scenarios and cybercriminal techniques, helping to ensure that students of all skill levels are prepared for a career in modern cybersecurity.

This year’s CTF aims to shine a light on cyberbullying and create an inclusive space where students around the world can access the latest skills and networks, as well as learn in an interactive, enjoyable and safe environment. Entitled “Supernatural Hacks”, this year’s CTF aims to help students interact safely online and develop their digital citizenship, while working as a team in a fictional magical world to defeat cyber’s darkest villains.

Proceeds from the competition are donated to Cybersmile, a multi-award winning non-profit organization committed to digital wellbeing and the fight against all forms of online abuse and bullying.

Haris Pylarinos, CEO and co-founder of Hack The Box, says:

“Universities are the breeding ground for the next generation of cyber professionals, and its critical students have experience fighting real-world threats. The massive increase in the volume and sophistication of cyberattacks means that demand for new skills is soaring and old ways no longer work.

“CTFs are a very effective way to learn practical computer skills through fun and engaging content. We see students joining not only to hone their skills, but also to network with like-minded peers who are looking to embarking on a career in cyber.The competition is also an opportunity for scholars and scholars to learn new teaching methods that promote a “hacking mindset” approach, necessary to adapt to the current threat landscape .

Haris continues

“The game has changed in cyber. Arbitrary hiring criteria around degrees and qualifications should be phased out and companies should prioritize practical skills and training experience. This will help reduce the bureaucracy that holds back an untapped pool of highly skilled cyber talent waiting in the wings.

Meanwhile, for younger generations increasingly seeking professions with a purpose, hacking presents not only lucrative career prospects, but an opportunity to do meaningful work stopping online cybercriminals – protecting businesses, governments, hospitals, schools and individuals from dangerous real-life threats. We are excited to continue preparing the hackers of the future.

Last year’s University CTF winners included players from some of the world’s leading universities and schools, the University of Warwick, the Hasso-Plattner Institute and 42 Paris. With more students looking to further their education than ever before, HTB University CTF also saw a 191% increase in attendance from 2021 to 2021, with 2022 expected to see record high levels of attendees.

Teams, consisting of 1-20 players, can enter FCD from anywhere. All skill levels are welcome with challenge categories ranging from ‘Beginner to Hard’. The CTF style will be Jeopardy and FullPwn. In addition to cash, swag prizes and participation certificates can be won for your participation.

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