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Google Discover will now allow users to block entire channels from their recommendations, allowing users to more efficiently manage featured videos on their feeds.

Honestly, this is a feature that I think is way overdue, and for good reason. Google’s Discover feed and its algorithm tends to ignore individual videos swiped by a user if the channel behind them continues to evolve. If, for example, someone decides to delete a Mr. Beast video in Discover, chances are they’ll continue to get more videos on the same channel since the guy trends, like, every three days or so, even though all the videos have a similar theme to them (the guy spends a lot of money on something; the results are surprising???). The Discover feed doesn’t dive into videos too much or even that often, so it’s a bit boring if the videos that show up are repetitive.

Google Discover is basically a curated list of articles and the like regarding current events and trending topics, which are provided to users through platforms such as Chrome. It’s the list of items that pops up whenever someone opens the Chrome homepage, specifically. Typically, the list of articles is just that: the titles of various online e-mags, journals, websites, and even popular Reddit posts. However, posts will occasionally include YouTube videos and short films, depending on the success and fashion of the current video. Previously, users could self-organize their feeds by deleting individual videos, and even articles, that they disliked. Discover will allegedly stop showing content of a similar nature; however, as I mentioned in the above paragraph, it doesn’t always fully work. This is where the new whole channel blocking addition surfaces.

I’m all for allowing users more flexibility in managing their content feeds, and feedback from those users is a necessity for any Discover-like news delivery system. I hope we will continue to have more and more conservation tools of a similar scope in the days and months to come. This will help make Discover more relevant and useful for individual users, and therefore for the Google community as a whole.

H/T: 9to5G.
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