Good news! Wyoming workers have no shortage of sleep


Oh man, I can feel all kinds of energies flowing through my body. It’s kind of like the kinetic force that runs through The Flash. Where does the energy come from? Well that’s because, like you, I’m a worker from Wyoming and I’m not tired or sleep deprived like those goons living in other states! That’s all, of course from a study I found from Zippia.

It doesn’t mean we don’t work hard. But, neither are we in a cost of living crisis where we feel the need to work more and more to cover our personal living costs. While the study showed Colorado is less sleep deprived than us, I think theirs could be more organic (wink).

We’re really lucky to live in Wyoming, you really don’t see people in a giant hustle and bustle even though people might walk a little faster to the grocery store. Sorry, but it’s a little frustrating when trying to go through King Soopers life with someone steering their cart on the path. What was I talking about? Oh yes. We are not in a big hurry here, we have plenty of time to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life. I mean, we have the most beautiful state in the country.

Looking around Cowboy State, once you get west of the Mississippi, the sleep deprived number drops like a rock (without Hawaii, which is # 1). Colorado came in 49th, Nebraska in 46th, South Dakota in 50th, and Montana in 46th. So where does this put Wyoming? We’re locked in at # 39, so we’re pretty much in sync with our neighbors.

Maybe it’s a West Coast thing. I know my wife, who works in the service industry, will say other people working with her don’t have the “Midwest Hustle.” I understand, but if you don’t need it, why do it?

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