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The tight-knit crowd was there to honor horse racing royalty Brae Sokolski whose prized horse Incentivize won the Caulfield Cup in this other town last Saturday. Emerald City understands they were wearing olive, white, and green silk scarves.

Brae Sokolski, owner of race horses, and his partner Chloé.

Hosted by his close friend, owner Merivale Justin hemmes, Sokolski was supported by those around him, including his girlfriend Chloe frost, Hemmes’ model girlfriend Madeline Holtznagel, real estate investor Greg Magree, developer Danny hanna and his wife Cinzia, as well as the legal eagle of Sydney Rebecca Giles and its Melbourne-based real estate guru partner Tim Price.

The group are said to have celebrated until the early hours of the morning, toasting Sokolski’s latest victory.

The Bondi resident quickly became a big name in racing after winning Everest 2019 with the winning colt Yes Yes Yes and the 2020 Caulfield Cup with Verry Ellegant.

Field victory for Queen Lambo herself

Blonde bomb Nissy Nassif, who is best known for going viral on social media posing in front of her yellow Lamborghini, has something to celebrate after a court victory over Seven Network last week.

Ms Nassif sued the broadcaster over false allegations that her charity Wiping Tears, which aims to help underprivileged families, spent just $ 5,000 of the $ 200,000 she raised over three years. Seven defended the allegations and argued that the report was not libelous.

In a hearing in Federal Court of Australia, the mother-of-three was awarded $ 100,000 in damages she plans to donate to the charity she started in 2015.

“Finally some justice,” she told Emerald City.

Nissy Nassif (far left) alongside her legal team Jessie McKenzie, Alanah Tannous, Sue Chrysanthou and Rebekah Giles.

Nissy Nassif (far left) alongside her legal team Jessie McKenzie, Alanah Tannous, Sue Chrysanthou and Rebekah Giles.Credit:

In a statement, she said: “The damages awarded to me will go to Wiping Tears. $ 100,000 will go a long way in continuing the good work of Wiping Tears with the help of the members of the Board of Directors dedicated to its success, including my husband Jean.

Champion of his wife’s victory in court, Jeans told Emerald City he was not surprised by the outcome. “We always knew Nissy was going to win, she is a great woman and very well regarded in our community,” he said.

In a sign that there could be more lawsuits over the cards, Mr Nassif said he has taken new legal action against allegedly defamatory statements made about his family and the Wiping Tears charity. .

“There are too many cases to come … I must continue [more] leaders and high level networks and you will be hearing about them shortly.

The infamous yellow Lamborghini and its owner, Nisserine Nassif, went viral in 2019.

The infamous yellow Lamborghini and its owner, Nisserine Nassif, went viral in 2019.Credit:Instagram

Emerald City understands the proceedings were an all-female matter, with the exception of the Seven Network defamation attorney Matthew Richardson SC – son of the pillar of work Graham Richardson – who was recently appointed Senior Advisor.

Ms Nassif, known for flaunting a glamorous lifestyle online, rose to social media fame in 2019 when a viral video of her husband giving her a bright yellow Lamborghini emerged, spawning a popular meme.

The Nassifs confirmed they enjoyed a private dinner after Friday’s court victory, given the end of lockdown restrictions.

“We haven’t done this for a long time and now, with our new prime minister and the lockdown over, we are celebrating, smelling the fresh air and feeling the love and energy that God has given us,” Mr. Nassif.

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