Charities Against Hate First Anniversary


Mélanie May | July 7, 2021 | New

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Charities Against Hate was created a year ago this week, when a group of charities came together to examine how social media platforms could become more inclusive and reduce hate speech online.

The group now has over 40 members and includes Barnardo’s, Children’s Society, Epilepsy Action and Stonewall. Over the past year, Charities Against Hate has established task forces and collaborated with external partners, met with MPs, politicians and governments, reviewed ethical marketing policies, created guidance for the staff, volunteers and the broader third sector community; and working with people who have experienced hate speech online to create recommendations for the social media platform.

Achievements and results include:


  • Distributed and analyzed surveys of the experiences of over 420 charity employees and members of their communities to learn more about their experiences of hate online and what can be done to prevent it from happening.
  • Conducted research that explores the impact of hate speech, to form a strong evidence base on the topic, demonstrating the need to protect the mental health and well-being of people who use social media platforms.
  • Lobbyed MPs for their support and to demonstrate the impact on hate online.
  • Created a toolkit for MPs to help anyone wishing to get in touch with their MP to share their experiences with hate speech online.
  • Developing tips to help people share their stories using #ShareYourStory.
  • Created 16 product recommendations for social media companies to consider to fight online hate.
  • Created a best practice guide for digital marketing and ethical communication practices for charities to help them engage in ethical marketing and communications and support them in the fight against hate speech.

82% of charities that are part of the collective say they have used the group’s resources to inform their work and 75% say they have shared them with colleagues.

Sarah Clarke, CharityComms Membership Manager and Collective Communication Group volunteer, said:

“There is still a long way to go before social media platforms become fairer and safer spaces for everyone. The creation of campaigns such as #StopOnlineAbus, #ReclaimSocial, and the continued work of organizations such as Kick It Out and Stop Funding Hate, demonstrate that, as one participant told us, this is a huge problem, one that will not go away and that many ‘others are sitting down and taking note of – there is a real feeling that people want change. “

Charlie Crabtree, Marketing and Communications Manager at KeyRing Living Support Networks and Lived Experience Group Volunteer said:

“It was especially important to reflect the experiences of the people our charities support through our work. The pandemic has intensified the digital divide and exclusion that people face as a result. As we work to bridge this divide, we also need to ensure safe and healthy online spaces where people will not face hate online. “

Next steps for Charities Against Hate include an event in fall 2021 and a review of the group’s future direction.

Charities Against Hate’s first anniversary falls the same week the RNLI faced backlash from the Daily Mail as well as on social media, and Nigel Farage, for its immigrant rescue.

RNLI issued a very clear statement in response, saying that it exists to save lives at sea and that its rescuers help those in need without judging how they ended up in the water – something that has always been and always will be his philosophy.

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