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Online gambling is a growing industry. We have put together some interesting information about $5 Minimum Deposit Casino Australia for you. According to a study conducted by Grand View Research, in 2018 the global online gaming market was valued at $48.5 billion per year, a staggering amount that is only expected to grow as smartphones and the average internet become widespread, particularly in countries with developing economies.

But even given an industry with an enviable capital base and room for growth, online gambling continues to face challenges, such as a lack of honesty and trust from players. The dangers of players related to the correct calculation of odds, the security of bets and their winnings, the delay of withdrawals and the increase of the odds, not to mention the protection of certain security data and digital technologies, do not are just a few of the problems that are associated with maintaining online gambling activity.

The validity of these concerns can be controversial, however, the impact they have on the credibility of an online casino and, therefore, their importance in the expected likelihood of no consequence.

The integration of detection technology and online games allows you to solve these problems of online casinos and restore the integrity and detection of the main components of this product.

Blockchain technology enables the creation of a system in which trust in the role is greatly increased without the involvement of a central authority or intermediary (e.g. a casino, high-stakes operator or processor of escrow that processes bets). Each part of the assessment that takes place is recorded and defined in a computer network, a permanent, immutable and transparent record is revealed, which can be confirmed by all assessments.

These features have been used to address industry challenges faced by online casinos. However, this is only a slightly provocative look at the potential global prospect of a technology that has the potential to transform the systems that underpin the online gambling industry. It is precisely because Bitcoin has advantages such as scalability, reliability, and security that can open the door to a bright future for the online gambling industry.

In an industry struggling with a lack of trust, an innovative American company based in Denver, Colorado, USA, is harnessing the power of the Bitcoin SV blockchain to connect the real world and the world of online casinos, facilitating fair and controlled online games.

Matt Dixon, who has more than 10 years of experience in consulting, building and managing game companies, knows this industry well and knows almost everything about it. Through its latest co-founder and CEO, BitBoss, Dixon hopes to use the power of blockchain technology to eliminate the negatives the industry is too often associated with.

BitBoss has already launched a range of products for the online gambling industry, which together allow you to transfer all funding and gambling activities for physical and online casinos to the BSV open blockchain.


The hardware solution, known as Bridge Link, allows players to easily transfer their tokens from a slot machine to their smartphone via the BSV blockchain, with their money stored securely in cryptocurrency.

Blurring the lines between real casinos and online games, BitBoss allows players to use the same tokens they use in a physical casino to participate in digital games online or through mobile apps powered by the BSV blockchain.

These dishonest operators have a noticeable impact on the reputation of the rest of the online gambling industry, which, being unable to confirm the integrity of their games in an open and intelligible way, is also tarnished. To counter this, BitBoss leverages the unique capabilities of the BSV blockchain by enabling what is professionally known as Provably Fair. It is a process in which the player receives certainty in the form of a mathematical algorithm that the outcome of the game was fair and not subject to any manipulation.

When the casino sends the result of the game to the player via the blockchain, the latter receives this result in a private key. The player can then use their own private key in combination with the public key to determine if the correct private key was indeed used as the result seed. This process ensures, with mathematical certainty, that the game and its outcome were “provably fair”.

An added benefit of the blockchain-based “proven fair game” system developed by BitBoss is to prevent players from trying to double spend.

Security is of paramount importance to players in the online gambling industry, where sites are built using a traditional off-chain centralized server architecture and are often hacked.

BitBoss uses the unique capabilities of the BSV blockchain to enhance the security of its products. Threshold signatures allow multiple parties to sign together.

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