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The French group Logical Pictures is at the forefront of technological innovation in the audiovisual industry. The Paris-based group operates the full range of traditional film and television industry activities, including financing, production, sales and distribution, and develops its technology-driven business, often using blockchain systems from point.

Founded by Yannick Bossenmeyer and Frédéric Fiore in 2016, the duo launched Cascade8, a 100% technology subsidiary of Logical Pictures, three years ago to combine their knowledge of traditional film production and marketing with emerging technologies and models. financial.

“Our goal is to build computer systems and blockchain designs that could streamline the flow of information and money in the AV industry,” says Fiore. “We want to instill in the group the idea that technology is present in every aspect of what we do. We want to use technology intelligently. Not technology for technology’s sake. We’re trying to streamline the business by bringing the technology to solve the real problems we have in the real world of the industry.

Cascade8 develops blockchain and software applications for professionals in the entertainment industry to overcome “specific pain points at each stage of the value chain”.

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Last year, Cascade8 rolled out its first software applications to the market, including Archipel Market (an ongoing movie marketplace platform used by International Screen to host For Your Consideration screenings during the awards race) and Archipel Content, a content marketplace for TV and VoD sales.

Fiore says Archipel Platforms currently has over 1,700 users and is spearheading a system that will ultimately mine, store and enable transparency of rights and revenue management on the blockchain.

Since the beginning of 2021, Cascade8 has started conducting extensive technical and legal research on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), positioning itself as an NFT expert in the entertainment industry. NFTs are tokens issued on blockchains, primarily the Ethereum blockchain, that verify ownership of unique digital assets, and are distinct from cryptocurrency tokens (such as Bitcoin and Ether) and security tokens , which involve equity participation.

“When NFTs started growing out of the blockchain ecosystem last year, we tried to think of smart ways to introduce NFTs into our business,” says Fiore. “NFTs are very interesting in our industry because we deal with IP [intellectual property] and rights all the time and NFTs are just that – a new type of rights.


Later this month, Cascade8 will launch the first NFT marketplace for movies and TV series offering tokens that allow fans to own virtual assets from movie and TV properties. This could include anything from virtual ownership of a line of dialogue to a costume worn by a character or even a starship you could pilot in a metaverse.

Also offered are premium tokens allowing the public to purchase access to virtual screenings of their favorite content and be among the lucky ones to watch it in their territory. The token has the added benefit of being able to be sold once used.

Cascade8’s platform, called, is a marketplace for additional intellectual property in an increasingly digital online virtual world. “It will be a new revenue stream for your content portfolio and provide a new way to connect with your audience for new IPs,” Fiore notes.

As the industry wants to connect with younger audiences, Fiore, Bossenmeyer and the team at Cascade8 believe that NFTs will do just that for movies and series. Bossenmeyer asserts that ownership of digital intellectual property is a new link to merchandising rights. “It’s not something completely new with contracts to be invented and so on, so it’s easier for producers,” she says.

Launching with a sci-fi miniseries blood machines, will offer fans, investors and the public virtual collectibles from the film, divided into three categories: cards, gifs and videos. French DJ Carpenter Brut composed the music for blood machines and project directors Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard (who direct under the name Seth Ickerman) are part of an emerging group of hip French filmmakers.

blood machines is distributed in many countries, including the UK, US, Canada and Ireland by genre platform Shudder, owned by AMC Networks. Cascade8 hopes to tap into the existing community for the film it helped create when Logical Pictures mounted a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the project.

At the same time, Cascade8 is launching a boutique initiative called NFTLab, tasked with helping producers and creators bring NFT campaigns to life by providing legal, technology and marketing expertise.

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