CarGurus Expands Instant Max Cash Offer Platform to California


CarGurus launched its Instant Max Cash offering on the West Coast, announcing on Tuesday that the all-digital car selling solution is now available in California.

The Instant Max Cash offer, which is powered by CarOffer, a subsidiary of CarGurus, allows dealers to bid and acquire used cars online from consumers.

The platform combines CarGurus’ consumer-facing marketplace with CarOffer’s dealer-to-dealer vehicle auction system, known as the Buy Matrix.

It launched in July and has since expanded to 23 states and Washington, D.C.

“Consumers have many options when it comes to selling their car online, but CarGurus Instant Max Cash is the only destination that offers everything consumers are looking for in a car selling experience today. : ease of use, convenience, efficiency, transparency and, of course, the highest bid,” said CarGurus President and COO Sam Zales in a press release.

“With the CarGurus Instant Max Cash offering, our integrated wholesale and retail solution allows us to solve two critical issues: ensuring consumers get a premium offer based on live dealer offers, not an algorithm, followed by vehicle, paperwork and payment support; and providing dealers with access to a new source of inventory supply in an extremely constrained market,” Zales said. “We are excited to bring this to consumers and to California resellers so they can take advantage of this win-win transaction solution.”

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